Messing around with Fuji instant Wide film

A failed experiment that I need to follow up on.

I’ll start this post with a really embarrassing revelation; I used to have a massive crush on Nick Rhodes from Duran Duran. This is relevant otherwise I would never, ever mention it. Ever.

One day, I got to meet my pre-teen crush as he released a book of Polaroid photography called Interference (1). And so I can testify to the idea that you should never meet your heroes, especially when they’ve applied their own make up very poorly and it’s 1984.

Anyway, when I finally got my own instant camera, a Lomo Instant Wide, this book that I had cherished but no longer own that was filled with odd, but as I recall quite interesting images, came to mind and I started to research ways to manipulate instant film. I’d also looked at the work of a fellow student Kate Aston (2).  I connected with her via Instagram on July 29th when I posted an image of a phone-box and she left me a link to her EYV blog.

I found a video on YouTube (3) about manipulating Polaroid film by soaking it in hot water to remove the emulsion, and so I decided to try it with a failed image I’d taken on Fuji Instant Wide.

I managed to get layers of plastic off the back of the instant film, but no matter how much hot water I soaked the print in, the emulsion wouldn’t lift. So I decided to to leave it to soak in cold water for a few days.

This is the result;

Back of instant image. (The surrounding red is the tray).
The front of the Instant image. It has turned a magenta colour.

It’s still soaking in cold water, but I expect that when I rinse it again all that will happen is the remaining colours on the back will lift. Because I like the look of the back I’m a bit reluctant to do it, but if anything else happens I’ll record it. However, perhaps being able to lift of the emulsion is a result that comes only from Polaroid film? I have purchased some Impossible (4) Black and White film that I am hoping will work in my camera and I will try with that too.

I’d also like to find out how the Polaroid, Impossible and Fuji Instant are different, so that’s something else for me to research.


N.B. I started this experiment around 18th August, the results shown above are from 22nd August 2017.

  1. Rhodes, N. (1984). Interference. London: M. Joseph
  2. on 30th July 2017
  3. on 30th July 2017
  4. Impossible PRD4516 Polaroid 600 and Instant Lab Film, Black/White from 

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