Update on ‘Messing around with Fuji Instant Wide’ Experiment, plus Salisbury Cathedral on Instant Film and a Brownie

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So, I let the fujifilm instant sit in water for a few more days and I have the answer to what happens; the emulsion just lifts off. The whole thing, but not in one go, it just sort of crumbles into different colours so you’re left with a clear sheet of plastic from the front of the film. I’m going to try Impossible black and white film next. My aim is to get the emulsion off in one go and transfer it to watercolour paper.

But while I’m on the subject of instant film, here are some images of Salisbury Cathedral I took on Fuji Instant Wide on 2nd September 2017. I’m still trying to get the hang of the camera (Lomo Instant Wide) and film. I find for most shots I have to underexpose and turn the flash off. For some reason, even when doing that, some shots have been so overexposed that they are almost white. I’m not sure if it’s the flash or zooming the lens which creates the circular lights on some of the images, but I think it’s the flash. I want to play with multiple exposures and the coloured sheets that fit over the flash next time I use this camera.

On this trip to Salisbury I also took some images with a Kodak Cresta 3 Brownie that I picked up in the local bookshop for £5. It takes 120 film, so I’m using Ilford Delta 400. The shutter speed is fixed at 1/40 s. In theory you have some control over the lens aperture as there’s a metal bar that runs across the lens that you can move across to change the size of the aperture, and it also has a close up filter (which interestingly enough for a 1950s camera is marked as 1.2 – 2m before being marked as 4-7ft). I think outdoor shots on sunny days might work, indoors is probably not going to happen, but of course I won’t find out until I actually develop the film (which I’m planning on doing myself).

Salisbury Cathedral 2/9/17, Lomo Instant Wide, Fuji Instant Wide film.
Salisbury Cathedral 2/9/17, Lomo Instant Wide, Fuji Instant Wide film. I made the mistake of leaving the flash on (which always seems to give me this ring). But I still quite like the image.
Salisbury Cathedral 2/9/17, Lomo Instant Wide, on Fuji Instant Wide film.

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