More Sunprint Paper

I’m having a bad week, but it’s Sunday morning and I wanted to spend just a little bit of time doing something easy to take my mind off my worries. So I used some sunprint paper this morning. Last time I used it I wanted to see how sensitive it was. I decided to use some images I took a few days ago in Salisbury so I increased the contrast in Lightroom, and then put them into Photoshop to invert them, creating a negative that I could print onto inkjet transparency.

Cafe Rouge Salisbury, inverted monochrome image printed onto a  transparency.









I then exposed the paper until it turned a very pale blue. I’m never really sure how long to do it for, but today I gave it  about 4 – 5 minutes. The prints take time to darken up, this is how they look freshly rinsed.

Sunprint paper prints drying.









So, here are the results. I think I’ve answered my question – they’re not as contrasty as I thought they might be, there are graduations in tone.

Clouds on sunprint paper

The clouds haven’t come out as well as I’d have liked, perhaps a more defined image would have helped that, but there’s also some brown staining which might be poor washing. Overall I’m pleased with the results.

Cafe Rouge, Salisbury. Sunprint

I did dry them flat, but they needed ironing which I did on the back with a warm iron. It hasn’t totally solved the crumpling problem, but it’s certainly helped and the iron doesn’t seem to have changed the print at all – I wondered if the heat might but it was okay.

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