The Story of My Mum

The following images are notes from my paper learning log. My mum suffers from schizophrenia; the local authority that look after her have got away with not treating her properly for years because no-one speaks out, no-one tells her story. Here is a tiny part of it. I feel it is very relevant here because it touches on ideas I have had about how to communicate her story using images, and it also explains the gap in my blog entries; I’ve been involved with trying to arrange appropriate ongoing care for her.

It’s very difficult to share these pages as they are so personal, but for me, in these images of her illness there is a link to why I picked up a camera in the first place. As a child people don’t listen to things they don’t want to hear and what you say can be easily dismissed by the adults in your life. But photographs weren’t so easy to dismiss then, and they’re not now either.

*originally published as a static page on 30/10/17