Polaroids; Emulsion lifts that went wrong

December 2017

I’ve been doing more experimenting with Fuji Instant film and also with Impossible Project film in a Polaroid camera. It’s been really interesting to communicate with other OCA students via Instagram about these experiments, I’ve got a lot of advice and encouragement from people which has been useful and also confidence boosting when I got it wrong. I found a book on Polaroids (Polaroids, the Missing Manual). I haven’t managed an emulsion lift yet, but I have a better idea of what’s actually going wrong and when I get time to repeat it I think I know what to do.

I got myself a Polaroid camera.

My Polaroid Camera

I’ve been enjoying using the Lomography Instant Wide camera; so has my 13 year old son. When we go to London we always fight for it, and it’s now called ‘The Precious’. So, in an attempt to stop the arguments about who gets to use my camera, and to be able to try an emulsion lift, I decided to buy the polaroid.

The first try at an emulsion lift didn’t go brilliantly; I didn’t realise that the image needed to be recent. This is what happened;

The polaroid image.
The image disintegrated!

The emulsion wouldn’t lift so I tried leaving it for an hour in warm water, that didn’t work so I tried hot water. Then the whole thing disintegrated.

So, time to try again…



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