This is a Very Boring Photograph; Thoughts on Images People Like


This is a very boring photograph. Of course, I’m allowed to say that because I took it. The reason I bring it up for discussion is that it’s becoming one of my most popular images on Instagram and as I’m being honest here, that fact makes me feel slightly depressed.

I have quite a few different images on my feed; comments I’ve had tell me that many feeds are quite thematic, quite similar, but that my images are often unexpected – differing subjects, places, styles. Someone said to me that they liked my feed because they ‘never know what to expect next’. Since starting Expressing Your Vision I feel I am experimenting more and more with photography. I’m trying things I wouldn’t have tried before, and my ideas about what makes a good photograph have seismically shifted.

I took this image on a trip to Corfe Castle in Dorset. It was on the walk from the car park up to the castle. This robin was sitting on the post, just waiting to be photographed. I took a shot and got closer, then took another and got closer again; it was obviously used to people. I wasn’t sure about posting this image at first, but when I got back home I put it on Instagram, even though I thought it was a bit uninspired. And lots of people ‘liked’ it. That clarifies to me that Instagram is fundamentally boring, what people like is boring, what people want is boring. And that is really depressing. However, it is January so that might be influencing how I feel. Check back in August and I might be feeling better about it.


Published by Sarah Cassin Scott


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