Art Class; Week 2

This week we were using more mark-making techniques: cross-hatching, contouring etc. The tutor put some interesting materials in the middle of the table for us to draw with white marker on black paper. I would have loved to have been able to draw animal skulls and plant material, but I’m just not good enough at drawing to do that and so I chickened out and went for a photo with fairly simple shapes instead.

Cross hatching, wiggly lines, parallel lines and speckling.

After I’d made a total mess of some simple drawing, we moved on to drawing with bleach on paper that had been coated in ink. I messed that up too. I don’t think drawing is my strong point, and I don’t really draw so it’s no surprise I’m useless at it. But I really enjoy the class, the tutor is great and the other students are really nice. So it didn’t matter that I was no good at it this week. At least I feel I am making steps towards developing visually; drawing is making me look at things differently. And every time something interesting appears on the table I know exactly how I’d photograph it.


Published by Sarah Cassin Scott


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