Finding New Ways to Photograph the Familiar

Some photos from the week 1-7th January 2018

I started off the New Year continuing my seeming obsession with photographing trees. I decided to give up getting a great photo and just try as many ways of taking images of them as I could. That seems to have led to me trying to find new ways to photograph a lot of things that are very familiar to me, like Kingston Lacy House and Beech Avenue too.

Kingston Lacy, Yew Trees
Kingston Lacy, Cedar Avenue
Kingston Lacy House
Beech Avenue, part of the Kingston Lacy Estate

I realised that I hadn’t had time to actually experiment at all with my new Fujifilm XT2 (I’ve taken some photos but I haven’t played with it really) and so I decided that now I can actually get a shallow depth-of-field with a lens I’d try some experiments to see how well it works. These two are part of those experiments. I’ll add the series of images I took in a separate post.


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