Post Violin Lesson & Swanage

Some photos from the week 15th – 21st January 2018

This first image is an iPhone snap after my violin lesson. I had the table covered with music, which then got covered with a set of test images I’d ordered from a printer to check different papers and printing techniques, which then got covered with my violin. It sort of feels like my time, my life. One thing gets piled on top of another. What’s urgent now always almost obscures what came before.

After my violin lesson. The images on the table are not mine.

My dentist is in Swanage, which is nearly an hour away but I don’t care; after several years of severe anxiety around dentists I’ll travel. After I’d seen him I went to Durlston Castle for a cup of tea and a walk before going home. There are a lot of photos taken here, so I wanted something different. I was experimenting with the reflections in this telescope. It has a little scene inside; plastic people on a beach, waving to the viewer. I might use one of the images of this for my next assignment, because I don’t really take photos of people so I have a reflection of me, camera in hand, taking pictures of these plastic people. I quite like it. But the following image is the one I shared on Instagram, even though you can only really see the little details when it’s seen large and I think they’re actually quite important. You can see the plastic woman about half way down on the left, standing on her beach. I also like the texture on the lens.

Swanage, Durlston Castle. Reflection of the landscape in an old telescope

It was freezing cold outside. This image is taken from inside, in the warm. I liked the texture of the wood, I liked the colours, and I thought I could get a good image with a shallow depth of field.

Swanage, Durlston Castle. Inside, looking out. It was freezing.

And this is what happened when I finally braved the weather. Again, the colours were the thing that initially appealed to me. But I liked the lines too.

Swanage, Durlston Castle. Outside braving the cold.

When you go to the coast path you find this globe. It’s great, and I was really lucky that the sun was at a height for me to experiment with images like this.

Version 2
Swanage, Durlston Castle. When you walk down towards the coast you find this huge concrete globe.

I saw a few images of movement using trees last week. I had a go, but I couldn’t get a long enough exposure – there was just too much light. Plus I didn’t have a tripod to get a smooth feel to it. So it’s a failed experiment.

Swanage, Durlston Castle. Movement experiment. It’s not very good.

This is a multiple exposure. I like it, but I want to do some work on it in Lightroom to make it a bit more otherworldly. The stones at the bottom of the image are where you can stand to see dolphins at certain times of year; I think March / April is best.


Swanage, Durlston Castle. A multiple exposure. I’d like to play with it in Lightroom.

I was looking through some of the images I’ve taken in the last year and I saw this – I just saw a thumbnail image, but I thought it was something taken by Alvin Langdon Coburn when I saw it initially. I went into photos to move it to another folder and realised it’s actually one of mine with a filter from Photos applied. I was really pleased. I printed it out, left it on my desk to dry, and when I got back my kittens had got muddy paw prints all over it. But this is pre-paws, and I really like it.

My version of an Alvin Langdon Coburn. I found it on my machine and realised it was one of mine.

I didn’t like this message on the mirror in the ladies toilet. Oddly, I take quite a few images in ladies toilets! Mainly of messages I get. I got about four hours sleep last night, and I’d done three hours of work in the library before I saw this. Despite appreciating it was probably sarcasm, I was not in the mood.

Ladies’ toilets, Arts University Bournemouth

Another idea for A3. This is Hebrew script from my mezuzah.

Version 2
The scroll from my mezuzah. I don’t put it up on my doorpost. I suppose it almost represents a hidden part of me now.

Today I decided not to make my bed. I was in too much of a rush to get out to take my son to Bournemouth for his film course. This is me thinking about representing those small everyday decisions.

Experimenting with ideas for A3, The Decisive Moment. It’s just not coming together.

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