Art Class; Week 3

This week started with experimenting with mark-making using ink on large sheets of paper using various tools: bamboo pens, feathers, credit cards, toothbrushes, plant material, paintbrushes, plastic forks.

tatemod (5 of 6)
Mark making. A lot of this is with a toothbrush.

I also used kitchen roll to remove areas of ink to see what kind of effect that produces and I think it was my favourite part.

tatemod (4 of 6)
Using kitchen roll to remove ink.

Then we worked from photographs again; we chose a photograph of a door from a selection and used the various make making tools to recreate it in ink. Again, it makes me look at the photograph more closely, and how the camera interprets what it sees, and how I can represent what the camera sees.

tatemod (6 of 6)
Working from a photograph. These marks on the right were made with an old credit card. Those on the left are an old fork and some kitchen roll dipped in ink.

The second half of the two hour class was like having teeth pulled. It was drawing with a pencil. First shells, then a still life. Again, although it’s not my strong point it did make me look. And I think looking and changing my view and looking again is a helpful skill. But drawing like that is not my thing and I feel frustrated by it because I am not very good at it.


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