Edited by Jason Fulford and Gregory Halpern

I originally found this book in the library at Arts University Bournemouth, and having seen it around in various places decided to have a look. Within 5 minutes I’d decided to buy it and I’m already working my way through a couple of ideas I’ve had from it. Essentially it is a list of mainly practical projects, interspersed with writing – I suppose short essays – about various photographic ideas and things to help you get unstuck when you’re stuck. But in the main it’s a set of projects that tutors have given their photography students. I’ve actually dragged my son into working on one of the projects that is supposed to be completed in a group. I think that it makes me miss the lack of contact that studying with the OCA distance learning entails. It would be fun to work on projects like this with other students really.

Recreate a dream in a sequence of 10 images by Reid Callanan. Something I’m (very) gradually working on.

So I think it’s helpful. It’s not got lots of academic discussion of photography. It doesn’t get bogged down in details. But it does make me get out with my camera, and it makes me more visually aware in my day-to-day life as I am looking out for shapes and representations around me.