My Dad’s Bathroom

Some Photos from the week 29th January – 4th February

I spoke to my father in the week. Because of Brexit he is now moving to Germany permanently. He has put his house on sale and asked me to take a look at it on the estate agent’s website. It was really strange seeing photographs of his home and thinking about what they reveal. I realised that someone could actually deduce quite a lot about my dad and his wife from their bathroom.

The next day I was in the shower and I was seeing images, so I grabbed my camera and thought about what those images could tell someone. They’re more about content than composition I suppose. Or maybe I know I took less care over composition than I usually would because I wanted them to be more honest images than I usually make. I didn’t want to cut things out as I naturally would if I composed the shots.

feb week1 (6 of 66)
This week every time I showered I saw this and felt a teeny bit pleased

This first image is something that one of my children has drawn onto the shower door. I was remarkably pleased to see this as it tells me that my children have something I certainly didn’t have: religious freedom. Actually, I don’t think it’s a religious statement at all, but the fact that one of them did this tells me he understands he is free to believe what he wants to without fear and that is really important to me because I wasn’t. I am still threatened by certain parts of my family with eternal damnation for not believing in Jesus, a story which is getting tiring to say the least.


feb week1 (14 of 66)
In my shower looking out

I have this collection of things on the window sill. Most of the windows in the house have sills that are too shallow to put things on, the bathroom makes up for it because the window sill here is really deep. I really love the light, I think that’s why I took this image.

feb week1 (16 of 66)
Same image as above, slightly different focus. Again, the light is lovely and I like the effect the drops of water have on the overall feel.

What does this tell anyone? I have this fossil. It’s from the time I spent studying Earth Sciences. The bottle is an old lemonade bottle that I use to water the plants. My garden is a real mess, I get terrible hayfever and the garden is much too big for me to look after so I’ve given up on it, but I feel I can look after indoor plants with some success. And I like reusing and recycling. I’m quite big on that, it’s important to me.


Shadow of Ivy

There is ivy growing outside, up the wall, and now into the bathroom which it has managed to invade because the window is always open (it only opens a teeny bit). I like the shadow of the ivy on the window, it’s one of those small beautiful things that makes me happy.


feb week1 (20 of 66)
Indoor ivy

You can see here where the ivy has invaded the bathroom which it did a couple of months ago. It’s covered in these little eggs – I don’t know what they are, maybe spiders? I am reluctant to remove it because I don’t want all these creatures to die. So I am leaving it, and now they’re hatching I pick them up and pop them outside. (UPDATE – I’ve got rid of it and the baby spiders have all been evicted unharmed). When they’re all gone I’ll cut the ivy back. I know I wouldn’t see this in my dad’s bathroom. Not ever. The blue glass here is a Moroccan style lamp. I really want to visit Morocco, perhaps more than anywhere else on Earth somehow it calls to me.


Curly hair

Everyone in my house has curly hair. Everyone. We are constantly trying to find products to tame it into curls rather than frizz. My youngest son and I like dying our hair different colours. As soon as he gets any length of holiday from school the purple or blue dye comes out. I go for orange, but sometimes just bits of pink. I wish he could have purple hair at school, I don’t see what the problem is really.


feb week1 (37 of 66)

A selfie in the bathroom mirror before going out. I always feel uncomfortable about the way I look; I think it’s due to years of bullying at school about my curly hair. So now if I’m having a bad day it can take me ages to leave the house. I don’t usually look in the mirror, I just wander around the house feeling anxious until I get enough courage to leave. I should just look in the mirror because I feel a lot better when I do – in my head I will see some kind of ugly grotesque monster, but I’m always pleasantly surprised by the way I look. Is that vain? It’s true anyway. I suppose that I cannot get a clear idea of what I look like and keep it in my head.

Two weeks ago my eldest son broke the light pull and I haven’t replaced it yet. I’m not organised. You can see the hallway with all the pictures in it. I think I get that from my dad, he has pictures everywhere.



feb week1 (31 of 66)
Daleks and Bach

I don’t have many photos around really. I have maps in my house because I love them and because I studied Earth science as well as astrophysics so I also like astronomical images and I collected a lot of maps during my studies. My favourite ones are the ocean floor maps, I really enjoyed studying oceanography. I love sci-fi and so do my kids, so there are  Doctor Who pictures everywhere. One of my favourites is a birthday card my daughter gave me which is Alice in Wonderland pulling back a curtain that has the Tardis hidden behind it. I actually have a picture of Darwin in my bathroom; there are a lot of images to do with Darwin in my house; I suppose I’m a fan. The Bach image is a card from The Science Museum that I thought was fun. I play violin, I like baroque composers mainly because of their simplicity I suppose. I have a picture of Bach elsewhere, along with Vivaldi and Handel. (Vivaldi is certainly the better looking of the three). You can see I’m not precise. The frames have been moved and it doesn’t bother me enough to correct them. Again, this is in direct contrast with my dad; this would drive him nuts.

After I’d taken these I kept my camera with me and took some images on my way to Beaton’s Tearoom and Bookshop (a place I spend far too much time).

feb week1 (47 of 66)
The walk to town

I just walk in a straight line down this road to get into town. It takes about 10 minutes. In fact, everything in Blandford is within walking distance which is a reason I stay – it’s great for the kids as it gives them so much freedom. What upsets me is that the view isn’t really any different to the view I had when I lived in London. I wish there was more green but people will insist on tidying up nature all of the time. I think it would be better to see plants than fences.

feb week1 (49 of 66)
Alleyway into town – the observatory was here before the new houses went up
feb week1 (50 of 66)
No-one has put graffiti on the wall that has life on it
feb week1 (52 of 66)
The house that survived the fire

This is quite a well-known house locally. It’s one that survived the fire that was the catalyst for the town to be rebuilt by the Bastard brothers. And no, that’s not auto-correct gone wrong.

feb week1 (54 of 66)

Dorset Rural Music School: I have spent a long time in this place. First I learnt violin here, then I added some piano lessons, then cello and now I’m working for upcoming aural tests and extra music theory. My children have come here for drums, violin, piano and clarinet. I manage some music lessons at home now, but it looks like I’m back to twice a week visits here again and I can’t say I’m sorry. It’s like a refuge from the modern world, it’s beautiful, and the people who work here are excellent. Upstairs there is a music library, there are pianos in most rooms (often more than one per room) and piles of cellos; despite the fact that I have my own cello that fact alone is, for me, an exciting thing.


feb week1 (55 of 66)
Food bank at the Methodist church

How did we get to the point where normal working families cannot afford food? I won’t write about this here; I could write a book on it. But this government have got to go.


feb week1 (56 of 66)
St Peter’s and St Paul’s church

This church is made out of greensand. It’s actually green. I think for people into history this is quite an important building; I just loved the light coming through the windows, and I suppose on the day I took these I was seeing rubbish everywhere. Or perhaps it’s better explained as the detritus of human life. Three windows, three bins. For some reason I quite liked that.


feb week1 (57 of 66)
Market day

I wanted to put this here mainly as a reminder to myself to come back and shoot again on market day. There were some really interesting people around, some interesting signs and behaviours that I don’t think I would see in London. I suppose it’s market day that often makes me feel like an outsider here though. I look different, I sound different and I know my values are often at odds with the people here. I like them, but I don’t fit in with them.


feb week1 (60 of 66)
Green Grocer

I used to shop here all the time, but I haven’t since I came back from America. Since returning I don’t have a dog so I don’t walk past here anymore. Not having a dog has changed large parts of my daily life significantly. I really miss having a dog, but I don’t miss clearing up all the hair and mess that a large dog creates. Perhaps a small dog next time?


feb week1 (61 of 66)

This isn’t the first photo I’ve taken in a car park and it won’t be the last. I liked the light, the shadow of the tree and the railings. Part of me wants to crop it, part of me just wants to leave it like this in it’s honesty.


feb week1 (63 of 66)
River Stour, multiple exposure

I tried a few multiple exposures of the river. These are all experiments.

feb week1 (64 of 66)
Weir, multiple exposure
feb week1 (65 of 66)
Trees on the riverbank, another multiple exposure
feb week1 (66 of 66)
Question mark?

I’ve been looking for letters and numbers in my surroundings. I saw this on the road as I was walking back to my house. It looks like a question mark, I liked it.

The rest of the images I took this week were on film. I will have to wait to develop them and see what appears when I do.

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