Taking photos of photos of photos

Some photos from the week 5th to 11th February

Apart from taking images for part 4 of the course, this week I’ve mainly been playing with existing images and catching up with research. I wanted to experiment with re-taking existing images as a part of  assignment 4 which I’m considering doing about dreams as it might give me the opportunity to experiment with various different lighting. For me, one of the most successful of these experiments has been an image that I originally took on mono polaroid film; it’s an image of Durdle Door in Dorset. This image has been the subject of an emulsion lift, the negative has been bleached, the image has now been retaken on a digital camera with the lens covered in plastic. This is the result with a vivid cool filter applied. I’ve printed it out and it works really well, I love it. When I get my printer fixed I’ll print it on metallic paper as I think it’ll work well on that.

Durdle Door

I like the effect that unfocused images can have. When it’s not immediately obvious what the image is then for me at least, there can be a reaction akin to a slight sense of confusion. The idea of these images is to use them as an integral part of a set of sharp images that will be a part of recounting a dream I had. Most of these are just tests. Some are photos taken with plastic over the lens, some are of printed images using the same technique, some are photos of printed images taken normally then retaken from a computer screen, some are just photos taken of digital images displayed on the computer screen. I’ve taken photos of photos taken in the Photo Booth app, I’ve taken photos in Photo Booth using plastic over the webcam. And as mentioned, one is a photo of an emulsion lift of a polaroid. I wonder how long I can add these layers of plastic for, how many times I can shoot the same subject with the same interference in the capture and get a result that is recognisable?

Tarot Card
Leah in France
Ocean and Casper
feb week2 (7 of 16)
feb week2 (8 of 16)
London bus
feb week2 (5 of 16)
British Museum
feb week2 (3 of 16)
Poole Harbour
Me in New York
Radio City NY


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