Art Class; Week 7 (I survive a visit to a church)

I was not only able to take photos during art class this week, but actively encouraged to. For once I felt that I could do something right, and it was when I had a camera in my hand. Well, an iPhone anyway. As usual it was a bit touchy about uploading to iCloud and so decided to give me the dreaded no storage message. But it was heavenly while the phone storage lasted.


This is an unfinished sketch, it was the final one I did and it was the most successful for me. Interestingly, to do this I took a photograph and sketched from that. I felt a bit like I was cheating, but it’s the only way I can get drawing to work.

March (99 of 99)

I’m not going to put the other sketches I did here. They exist in my sketchbook and that is bad enough, I’m not giving them extra life by digitising them and letting anyone else see them. They’ll be my very own version of Dorian Gray’s portrait, taking on all the art that goes wrong. Maybe I’ll start indulging in Leicas, medium format digital Hasselblad cameras, endless rolls of Fuji Velvia, excessive Polaroid use and other expensive habits*, but all the images I take will be beautiful while the sketches in that book will get worse: uglier, older in that unfriendly jealous way, more wobbly lines and poor perspective, until they take on a life of their own and I have to try and destroy the sketchbook by stabbing it with the tooth of a basilisk or something.

So it wasn’t a bad week. I went into a church and didn’t burst into flames or anything; that was a bonus. I really liked the woodwork in the church, I think I might have to go back and see if I can take photos for something I’m working on called ‘The Oracular Brendan Fraser Dream’ which may (or may not) end up being what I hand in for my fourth assignment.  This depends on: a) How embarrassed I feel explaining my precognitive dreams about meeting an actor I don’t really know much about to my tutor; b) My ability to translate this dream into decent photographs that aren’t silly and don’t involve dreamcatchers, the sky, purple lights or hazy effects; c) How I feel about putting the whole thing on this website for everyone I know to read and possibly mock mercilessly; d) Finding a dark wooden staircase and an appropriate wardrobe to take photos of.

March (55 of 99)



*(Maybe I will have to indulge in orgies and drugs too? I’m not sure if Oscar Wilde wrote the orgies in or if they’re just an extra added by the film makers? I read the book too long ago, I am too wary and tired of teenage boys’ bedrooms to brave a visit to Daniel’s bookshelf to go and check, and therefore probably too tired for orgies if I’m brutally honest with myself. I’d rather not do the drugs though as the drug user I know best has just had a leg chopped off this afternoon; I’m rather fond of my legs and I like cycling and running, so I’d rather hang on to them and give the drugs a miss).

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