I grind to a halt

Images from the week 5th – 11th March

March (30 of 99)

Some weeks life just overtakes me and I feel I am grinding to a halt and cannot take any images. Music is always harder work than I expect it to be, and there have been a lot of changes to what I’m playing lately. Extended family problems mean I am constantly juggling time and getting caught up writing letters and emails and making phone calls to get people the help they need or to just listen to worried family members. I cannot get into any routine and I get thrown off course over and over again. Work wise sometimes it’s violin taking over, but sometimes I just get totally stuck. My children will not ever model for me, I get stuck for subjects if I am stuck in Blandford, and I think I will never take another photo ever again. This week was a bit like that really. So I did what I did last time and while I was stuck (again) on a never ending phonecall I took some self portraits in Photo Booth on my iMac.

I was looking at Instagram and I saw Kate Astons’s work. She’s done a series of self portraits along with data from a period tracker. (I’ve linked to her site before, her Instagram is kate513940).

Here’s what some of the period tracker screens look like (these are from screenshots taken on 17th March)…

March (16 of 99)March (15 of 99)March (14 of 99)


You can feed in all sorts of data and you get this circular image that I took a screenshot of and then put through an app on my iPhone called Enlight to blend with the image I took that day of me on the phone. I have to point out (again) that this is essentially a copy of what Kate was doing. Totally not my idea, I just liked it and wanted to play. But it has made me think about ways I can take this, and I like the opportunities I feel it will give me for self expression and also for a bit of a tongue-in-cheek piss take on the way that women can be portrayed during their cycle.

March (29 of 99)

This was also the week I took photos of a church during art class, which was much more fun than drawing. March (53 of 99)

March (28 of 99)
I took a few of the alter area from a low viewpoint as I feel it’s where they want you. Down low on your knees and looking up.

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2 thoughts on “I grind to a halt

  1. Fabulous, I love it! Those “porn” filters are interesting. Are older women meant to aspire towards those airbrushed 20-something standards, or will anyone ever bring out an app that celebrates being over 40?

    I have one child who models for me sometimes. Her friends are often more wiling and their mothers are happy to have a jpg or print. There are days (often days) when I wonder why I’m even trying to do this. They are normally at a particular point in my cycle, which I didn’t realise until I did the period tracker work.

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