Snow Days

Images from the week 26th February – 4th March

So it snowed. This is unusual in Dorset, but not so unusual in the rest of the UK. However, as usual the snow meant that the entire nation ground to a halt. The BBC were incredibly excited about it and talked about nothing else on the BBC 24 hour news channel for about three days.

March (37 of 99)

I quite liked the snow, and it was great that the kids got a few days off. People with excessive tidying habits came out of their houses and started cleaning snow off the pavements which really annoys me because snow is pretty and pavements are ugly. Plus it just makes everything icy and doesn’t help. I always get the feeling these people would secretly like to play in it but can’t, so they have to tidy it up instead because it’s their way of interacting with it.


March (35 of 99)
It snowed and I went to the pub
March (36 of 99)
The Crown Hotel, Blandford
March (51 of 99)
My children making a snow penguin, complete with penguin penis. They’re 15 and 13 so the addition of the penis is obligatory
March (52 of 99)
Dorset Rural Music School in the snow
March (34 of 99)
When I was too cold to go out I tried to age these images I had purposefully blurred. I tried bleach, ink and white spirit with varying levels of success. This is (possibly) part of assignment 4
March (22 of 99)
Apollo. He went missing a week or so later so I was glad I’d taken some photos of him

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