Art Class Week 9

(I missed week 8, I had a migraine)

It was cold, we went out into the park to sketch trees. I was very happy with the subject; I am forever trying to draw trees, take photos of trees, really to express visually what I feel about these things in some kind of mystical sense. And I can’t do it; I can’t ever get there. I will keep trying though.

Art week 9 2
This is a one minute sketch

This is how it goes; everyone else in the class takes their drawing materials to the park and they stand or sit and sketch the trees. I, however, do a one minute sketch as suggested and then I realise that I cannot sketch the tree – it doesn’t work. So I decide that I will use charcoal to pick up the texture of the bark. I think I remember doing this as a child. I then move on to thick graphite sticks.

Art week 9 1
Graphite stick

Then I decided that I needed to explain the colour of the tree, but I didn’t have colours, so I ripped the paper out of the sketchbook and rubbed it against the tree to pick up the colours of the bark and the moss. I am sure a lot of people walking past thought I was mad. Maybe my art teacher thought I was mad? I don’ know. But I was more pleased with the tree’s drawing of a tree with my involvement than I was with my own drawing of a tree without the involvement of the tree.

Art week 9 4
The Tree, using the tree to draw itself over a graphite rubbing of the bark

I also tried wetting the paper and using some cheap pens that bleed ink.

Art week 9 5

We were shown how to use Inktense watercolour pencils in several different ways. I like them. If I could draw I would definitely buy some because the colours are beautiful.

Art week 9 3
Inktense colours. I really like them, this scan doesn’t show how bright they are.

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