London: Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral

Images from the week 12th – 18th March

I have two relatives in hospital in London at the moment (both in different hospitals which is a nuisance, but never mind). Rather than going backwards and forwards I decided to stay in London for most of the week this week, and it worked really well as it meant I could  go into central London to take photos. I also got to Tate Britain and Tate Modern again. I’ll put images from those visits into another post.

March (98 of 99)
David’s bed, Northwick Park Hospital. This image is gross in colour.

On the Wednesday afternoon I’d walked up to Parliament Square; there were several protests going on. I don’t usually take photos of people on the street, but as protesters obviously they were quite keen to be photographed and to get their message out; it felt reasonable in the circumstances to try to capture a few images. I think these are my favourites, so for me I notice that instead of the crowds I am picking out individuals within those crowds. But for me as soon as people are involved there is just a bit too much going on for me to make visual sense of it very quickly. I’ll probably add more protest images I took later, but as yet I haven’t spent time working out which ones work and which don’t and why that is.

March (72 of 99)March (75 of 99)

March (73 of 99)

My tutor told me it’s a good idea to go back to the same places and take photos of them again (and again and again I think). It certainly makes me more experimental when I know I’m going to come back to a place again and again. I decided to go back to Tower Bridge. I find the bridge quite difficult to photograph – at least to get something different, something that expresses what it feels like being on the bridge rather than just an image of it from a distance.

March (64 of 99)
Tower Bridge. And yes, I do know it needs straightening up!

March (68 of 99)

March (66 of 99)

March (61 of 99)
Reflection of The Shard in a a window on Tower Bridge. A landscape photographer friend told me that it was almost impossible to get a good reflection of The Shard anywhere in London, but I liked this one especially as there is the contrast between two iconic landmarks and the old and new.
March (69 of 99)
The Thames. Parts of the reflection seemed to echo the colours of the bridge that day.


March (65 of 99)
Taken from the bridge looking west up The Thames towards City Hall and HMS Belfast. Again, it probably needs straightening but all of these images are unaltered.
A reflection in City Hall.

I tried the same thing with St Paul’s Cathedral which I have photographed before. Strangely, I haven’t been inside the cathedral for years – not since I was a primary school child. I remember eating lunch in the crypt and having to walk up spiral staircases (which for some reason I’m not very good at; I seem to loose coordination if I have to go up spiral stairs! I started with some images from the viewing gallery at Tate Modern, walked across Millennium Bridge and then past St Paul’s.

March (56 of 99)
This is totally unedited. The light just falls onto the cathedral, it’s amazing.

March (58 of 99)

March (57 of 99)
This is The Shard from the viewing platform at Tate Modern. The security guards didn’t like me crawling around on the floor to get this.
March (79 of 99)
Millennium Bridge
March (78 of 99)
Again, trying something a bit different from Millennium Bridge. These came out a bit underexposed, but the whole day felt a bit underexposed so I decided to leave them like this.
March (82 of 99)
I wish I’d have got this bird in flight just a tiny bit sooner.
March (81 of 99)
Side doors. I took several images of these doors and steps. This is the first, and not the best.
March (80 of 99)
A reflection
March (19 of 99)
Another reflection, this time in the windows of the cafe in the Tate Modern. I really love these lights. I might crop this later so the bottom half is removed; I think that would make a much stronger image.
March (92 of 99)
From the riverbank outside Tate Modern

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