Art Class Week 10; Printing

(No more drawing!)

This week saw the start of the printing section of the art classes. We’ll have 3 weeks on lino printing, which I’ve never done before. The tutor showed us examples of lino prints – I really preferred the simple designs and images, so when I was asked what I wanted to work on, it was a simple shape; a seahorse.

To me, seahorses are like mystical creatures. If we found life on another world I don’t think it could be as odd as seahorses (or cats actually). I still remember the first time I saw a seahorse I was amazed at how small it was – for some reason I thought they’d be larger (no, not actual horse sized, obviously).

I didn’t attempt to draw this week, I used tracing paper instead and so the whole class was a lot more enjoyable and relaxing as I felt I was in a place where I could actually achieve something for a change.

seahorse 1

This is my seahorse so far. I’ve got a lot of detail to work on yet, but I quite enjoyed the process. I can see I’m a lot more slap-dash than everyone else – I don’t like to work in a precise way, and I think that transfers over to the photography sometimes too where I am trying to develop more technical skills and to be more precise, but often avoiding crystal clear images in favour of a certain type of uncertainty that flaws or unfocused images bring. Maybe I’m just not ever that worried about a perfect result as I often see a certain ugliness in perfection.


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