Some images from the week 16th – 22nd April

It wasn’t a great week for photography. I hurt my back and I spent some of the week in bed, and most of the week in pain. But I did manage….

  1. A no make-up selfie in bed on an iPad with a crap camera.
Original version
Adjusted version with the exposure increased


2. Some images done for part 4; I was playing with the difference between natural light and artificial light.

Natural light
Artificial light

3. I didn’t just hurt my back, I was also having one of those weeks in general.

Empty wine glass
Yeah, it was that week. The text is from a T-shirt I was wearing, it says “Shut up, I’m reading”, a perfect expression of how I felt.


On Friday I managed to get out of the house, so I went to Home Farm for lunch. Last time I went I got to cuddle a horse that someone had brought out to lunch with them (really, they were having lunch with their horse – this is a place you can do that). This time the only animal cuddle option was cows. I’m a little bit scared of cows, plus they stink, so I decided to give the animal hugs a miss and I wasn’t going to get any closer than this for a photo. They have goats at Home Farm and I love goats but they all ran away when they realised I didn’t have any food. Bastards.

Cows at Home Farm

On Friday night, the kids and I watched ‘Friday Night Dinner’ on Netflix. They are so much like the characters in it, they even look like them. Thankfully, Nathan and Daniel are a bit better behaved.

Daniel and Nathan

By Sunday I was feeling a lot better and I’d managed to get to a final folded book forms session. I’ll add the final weeks’ efforts to the post here.

A mix of books made by myself and the other students