Some images from the week 16th – 22nd April

It wasn’t a great week for photography. I hurt my back and I spent some of the week in bed, and most of the week in pain. But I did manage….

  1. A no make-up selfie in bed on an iPad with a crap camera.

Original version


Adjusted version with the exposure increased


2. Some images done for part 4; I was playing with the difference between natural light and artificial light.


Natural light


Artificial light

3. I didn’t just hurt my back, I was also having one of those weeks in general.


Empty wine glass


Yeah, it was that week. The text is from a T-shirt I was wearing, it says “Shut up, I’m reading”, a perfect expression of how I felt.


On Friday I managed to get out of the house, so I went to Home Farm for lunch. Last time I went I got to cuddle a horse that someone had brought out to lunch with them (really, they were having lunch with their horse – this is a place you can do that). This time the only animal cuddle option was cows. I’m a little bit scared of cows, plus they stink, so I decided to give the animal hugs a miss and I wasn’t going to get any closer than this for a photo. They have goats at Home Farm and I love goats but they all ran away when they realised I didn’t have any food. Bastards.


Cows at Home Farm

On Friday night, the kids and I watched ‘Friday Night Dinner’ on Netflix. They are so much like the characters in it, they even look like them. Thankfully, Nathan and Daniel are a bit better behaved.


Daniel and Nathan

By Sunday I was feeling a lot better and I’d managed to get to a final folded book forms session. I’ll add the final weeks’ efforts to the post here.


A mix of books made by myself and the other students

One thought on “Ouch

  1. Kate says:

    Hope you’re feeling better and that life is going better for you too. I’m enjoying your Clue layered images very much. Mine has all gone to my tutor now and Clue is giving me plaintive reminders every few days that I’m not putting the data in like I was 🙂

    Agree with you on the goats. The brand new goat kids are gorgeous though. The folded books look gorgeous. I’m doing a session at Thames Valley Group in May on book making.

    Liked by 1 person

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