Planet Apple, Meaningful Stuff and Brendan Fraser

Some images from the week 23rd April – 29th April

This week I was trying to get to grips with lighting; this way of working is totally new to me. Exercise 4.4 is about lighting a natural object to reveal it’s form (you can see all my attempts, including my total failures here). These are my favourite shots so far.

Week to April 22 (20 of 23)Week to April 22 (22 of 23)Week to April 22 (10 of 23)

Week to April 29 (1 of 1)-4

Meaningful Stuff

I’ve been experimenting with a few different objects, trying to light them in different ways. All are things that are meaningful to me, or that represent me to other people. The really difficult thing about this was that the physical things that I possess that are meaningful to me tend to be paper; letters, photos, drawings by my children, the excellent cards my daughter gets for me (like Alice in Wonderland pulling back a curtain to reveal a Tardis), notebooks, sheet music that I play and books that I love or that have had a profound effect on me. So I had to try and think of other things as the whole point of this for me is to learn how to light these objects. I can see the issues I’ve had, faults I have to correct and how I might improve though.

Week to April 29 (1 of 5)
My first violin. I play this a lot; it’s one of the first things people mentioned when I asked them about objects they associate with me.
Week to April 29 (5 of 5)
Probably the most important and significant book that I’ve ever read; it totally changed my life and the ramifications of that are still ongoing years later.
Week to April 29 (6 of 9)
Me – “Daniel, what reminds you of me?” Daniel – “Nicolas Cage.” These are just some of the Nicolas Cage surprises he’s left for me. It’s a thing we do that I don’t understand so I just go along with it.
Week to April 29 (7 of 9)
A childhood toy, “Squeaky Teddy” (My Dad)
Week to April 29 (1 of 1)-3
My iPhone; I use it every day so although it’s not significant to me as such, I suppose it has some significance in being one of those things I use a lot.
Week to April 29 (4 of 9)
Me – Nathan, what reminds you of me? Nathan – “Star Wars”.
Week to April 29 (9 of 9)
Me – “What reminds you of me?” My friend – “Either scotch or red wine. Or tea.” This is a scotch I don’t really like; I prefer Glenmorangie, but that would have been a photo of an empty bottle.
Week to April 29 (3 of 9)
You have to know about my background to understand the significance of me having these cards, but to me they represent a freedom of thought and religion. I grew up in a family that were ultra religious and a lot of them are unfortunately still stuck in that place.
Week to April 29 (5 of 9)
A notebook. I always carry one with me and it’s another item I use every day. I’m not happy with this photo, but I can’t work out a good way to make an image of this book.

I was also trying to work on other ideas for Assignment 4, but I will play with this idea of meaningful objects that I’ve begun to explore and see if these things work as a set.

Brendan Fraser

As for my original idea for A4, which I called ‘The Oracular Brendan Fraser Dream’, I think it’s probably going to be too complex to complete in time now so I’ll work on it without the idea of using it for an assignment. It involves setting up so much – a scene where every element has to express meaning. Time constraints along with a lack of technical skills when it comes to studio lighting and a huge learning curve are making that difficult to achieve.

Week to April 29 (3 of 5)
Me experimenting with shots for The Oracular Brendan Fraser Dream. I’d just got back from the gym AND was streaming with hayfever. It didn’t make for my most successful set of images.

Other images from the week:

I am my only model at the moment so I felt like a self obsessed narcissist taking loads of selfies trying to work out how to get lighting right.

Week to April 29 (2 of 9)

The stables…

Week to April 29 (1 of 1)
I went to visit some horses.

A print from art classes…

Week to April 29 (1 of 3)
A print from Friday morning. I wan’t happy with it – I should have used the other tile.

A trip to AUB…

Week to April 29 (1 of 1)-2
I spent Saturday morning in the library of Arts University Bournemouth; I saw this in the toilets. I’d just been studying a book called ‘Porn?’




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3 thoughts on “Planet Apple, Meaningful Stuff and Brendan Fraser

  1. It’s rare to see this exercise executed with so much meaning. I enjoyed reading about it.

    I photographed a visitors book once by using a slowish exposure and doing that flick thing through the pages to get the motion. I find that books can come across as uncharacteristically static in photographs, if that makes sense.

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