Art Class Week 13: Monoprinting

This is what this week looked like;

artclassscans (1 of 12)

We each bought in some foliage for mono printing. I managed to grab some ivy and fennel from my garden, both shapes I really love. Essentially the process is very simple. You ink the plate, arrange the foliage on it, lay a piece of paper over that and use an inked roller to take a first print – you get a front and back print on the paper because you’re using an inked roller. I found that the front images worked best.

artclassscans (1 of 13)
Front image of fennel
artclassscans (2 of 13)
Back image

You can then remove the foliage (or whatever you’re using), place that between two pieces of paper and use a dry roller to get a print from the inked foliage (I suppose you could use a wet roller too).

artclassscans (3 of 13)

artclassscans (3 of 12)

You can also take a print from the wet inky plate that the foliage was pressed into. I managed to get several prints from each plate, but usually the first was the most successful.

(They’re still on the drying rack in the studio).

Then it was a case of experimenting with inky leaves and plates, adding more ink, different colours, and just trying things out. I really enjoyed this process.

artclassscans (7 of 13)
Back image with reused leaves inked in a different colour printed on top

artclassscans (6 of 13)

We also used doilies for printing, but to me they weren’t as successful as the foliage had been. Of course, you can print onto any paper you like.

artclassscans (2 of 3)
Using a wet roller over the plate that has the doilies on it. This is the front print.
artclassscans (1 of 3)
And this is the back of one of these prints. It just gave me blue ink with white areas, so I kept the doilies and glued them on as I liked the colours.
artclassscans (9 of 12)
I didn’t print onto this paper, but it had ink all over it so I used it to protect some prints to get them home. Then I realised I quite liked the old doily I had used for printing and just scanned it like this.

Additional prints

w_e_13_may (1 of 47)w_e_13_may (2 of 47)w_e_13_may (3 of 47)




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