More bookmaking: Simple Paperback Notebooks

I’ve just begun the second of three bookmaking courses which I hope will give me ideas for more options on how to physically present my images. The first was four weeks on folded book forms, this section is about making notebooks, journals and sketchbooks. They’re run by Susan Green of Bound by Hand in Dorset.

This week we made two paperback notebooks. This first one is a simple pamphlet stitch paperback book, which I stupidly decided to cover in old manuscript paper that didn’t even survive the making process. It’s really easy to make, essentially you cut the paper and cover all to the same size, make 3 holes for the stitches; one halfway down the length of the spine, the other two 2cm from the top and bottom of the book. The waxed linen thread is passed from the inside of the book through the middle hole to the outside, then up to the top hole, down to the bottom hole on the inside of the book, and back through the middle hole on the outside. Then it’s knotted, and that’s it.

artclassscans (12 of 13)
Pamphlet stitch paperback notebook


The second book was essentially the same, but used a vertical chain stitch for the sewn part. I’m not going to describe a chain stitch here, but it was a bit more fiddly and involved punching nine holes into the spine rather than three.

This is what it looks like

I’ve never been great or enthusiastic about sewing by hand so you’ll have to imagine it done by someone with the patience for sewing

artclassscans (13 of 13)

The outside, the inside.


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