This week we were looking at more ways of making mono prints. I’ve also been making mono prints at home so I’ll add my favourites here.

Legs is one I made in class that I liked. It’s just paper on an inked plate with a magazine image placed over the top and traced.

w_e_13_may (26 of 47)


This banded image was an experiment with masking tape and black ink which I printed twice to add white and blue to the trees. I added the image of the legs later in Enlight, a photo editing app I have on my iPhone.

w_e_13_may (25 of 47)

Some prints I made at home to practice the technique

I decided to make some large (A3) prints using my swiss cheese plant. I’ve primarily done these for my dad.  He has moved to Germany (Baden Baden) and I want to send him and his wife a housewarming gift that is personal. When I was a child the flat he lived in had a huge swiss cheese plant in the living room that was usually up to the ceiling. So these plants are something that I associate with him. He doesn’t have room for a Monstera Deliciosa now so a print seemed appropriate; I am really pleased with the way they’ve turned out.

w_e_13_may (1 of 1)-2

And these were other prints I tried at home;

w_e_13_may (1 of 6)
Ivy leaf

w_e_13_may (2 of 6)

These four prints are the front and back on one sheet of A3 paper; I wanted to make a record for myself of all the types of print I could get from one set of foliage so that when I start adding more layers I have a better idea of how that might look using each technique.

w_e_13_may (3 of 6)
Print with foliage on the inked acrylic sheet and paper placed on top of it. This is the front of the first print which uses an inked brayer.
w_e_13_may (4 of 6)
The back of the first print.
w_e_13_may (5 of 6)
Print from the acrylic sheet once the foliage has been removed
w_e_13_may (6 of 6)
Print from the foliage with scrap paper over the top
w_e_13_may (34 of 47)
An enlarged digital edit of one of the leaves