It’s Mainly Bournemouth Comic Con

Some images from the week 14th – 20th May

A few snapshots from my week in no particular order…

This first set of images are from Bournemouth Comic Con on Saturday. My son had gone to the cafe for a break and I was watching the Cosplay Masquerade. I think the real strength of these events is that adults and children get to play and there is a real sense of it being a non-judgemental environment where everyone can relax and have fun.

w_e_20_may part 2 (18 of 25)
Pennywise the Clown
w_e_20_may part 2 (19 of 25)
Pennywise. I think I might put this through Photoshop to remove the lightsaber and crop it to remove the figure on the left.
Child Deadpool. We were also treated to ‘Beach Deadpool’.


w_e_20_may part 2 (21 of 25)
I’m not sure who this woman was Cosplaying, but she looked amazing
w_e_20_may part 2 (20 of 25)
Robin. Batman was missing on this occasion. 
w_e_20_may part 2 (24 of 25)
Final Fantasy 
w_e_20_may part 2 (17 of 25)
An audience member at the Cosplay Masquerade who was looking strangely bemused at times

From the cafe I could see all sorts of characters going up and down the escalators and the height of the rail was sometimes blocking out faces so it worked quite well.

w_e_20_may part 2 (15 of 25)

w_e_20_may part 2 (16 of 25)
I love Ghostbusters and I’ll admit I’m a bit of a sci-fi nerd. I think I can recite Star Wars Episode 4 word-for-word. 

On Tuesday I had to go to Ikea Southampton to buy furniture for my youngest son’s room. There are always these massive cruise ships visible from the entrance. It’s really difficult to comprehend the scale of these; they’re enormous, like floating cities. These are iPhone images. I need a new phone now and I am realising that although my preference is for something simple, it’s probably worth getting another iPhone with a better camera as I use it so much and the reactions that people display with a phone camera as opposed to a ‘proper’ camera are very different.

w_e_20_may part 2 (4 of 25)w_e_20_may part 2 (5 of 25)

w_e_20_may part 2 (7 of 25)
From my car while sitting in a traffic jam. 

On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon I made mono prints from a Swiss Cheese Plant and framed some cyanotypes I made a week or so ago.

w_e_20_may part 2 (10 of 25)w_e_20_may part 2 (11 of 25)


My eldest son built this Lomography camera for me so I took some images of it.

w_e_20_may part 2 (6 of 25)


My cyanotype chemicals arrived so I’ve mixed those up and am coating some Khadi paper with the mixture. I was introduced to Khadi by my bookmaking tutor. It’s a really beautiful paper, handmade with 100% recycled cotton rag but it’s coated in gelatine so no good for vegans. I’ve been wanting to make cyanotypes on decent paper for a while. So far I’ve used Sun Print which is great for experimenting with but isn’t giving me the textural results and range of tones I want.

w_e_20_may part 2 (9 of 25)

This marmalade on toast looked like the letter D. I’m trying to collect images of things that look like letters. I think it’s a good exercise in keeping visually aware. I love marmalade and often carry emergency marmalade with me in my bag. And no, I’m not joking. Perhaps it’s something to do with my mum being born in Paddington?

w_e_20_may part 2 (8 of 25)

On Sunday I did five hours of archery with Hardy Country Bowmen. I must admit I was tired when I got home. Shooting with the recurve bow is easy enough physically, it’s just trying to create the same set of movements with everything in the same place over and over that’s more of a mental challenge for me. I think I have to become a lot more aware of my body. The initial movement is a similar movement to playing the violin which I am fighting to mentally differentiate from archery because my response to lifting my left arm up in that movement is to tip my head back to place a violin under my chin! I had a go with a compound bow – at least I wanted to, but I couldn’t draw it despite trying several times. I was really surprised because most weeks I go to the gym 2-3 times a week and I do use weights so I think I’m relatively strong. However, I am now determined that next time I try using one of these bows I’m going to be able to do it; it looks like more weight training at the gym is in order. I treated myself to a Pimms when I got home. Well, a jug of Pimms actually, but it’s got fruit in it so that makes it healthy.

w_e_20_may part 2 (1 of 25)

This leaf is from art class on Friday. I don’t think I’m making prints I love in class, it’s more about learning and experimenting for me. When I get home I’m practicing the techniques I’ve been taught and I’m really happy with what I’m producing – like the Monstera Deliciosa prints I made. I really love those.

w_e_20_may part 2 (12 of 25)
Made during art class



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