Highgate Cemetery in a Storm

I’ve shot some gardens in the rain before, but the day I visited Highgate Cemetery the weather was absolutely horrendous. I had an umbrella and a jacket, but still got soaked through to the skin.

Highgate Cemetery West

You have to book a tour to visit this part of Highgate Cemetery. It’s not expensive; £12 for adults, £6 for children. The price includes entrance to the East side too. It’s a fascinating place and the guides are really interesting so it’s well worth it. You can find out more about the cemetery here. 

highgate_cem_may_18_ (20 of 26)

On my lunchtime tour there were newly formed rives of water running down the paths; all of the Americans on the tour gave up less than halfway through, and the guide said he’d never seen conditions like it.

highgate_cem_may_18_ (15 of 26)

I was juggling an umbrella and camera, trying to keep both the camera equipment and myself as dry as I could. Add to that the thunder (which I don’t mind being out in) and lightning (which I certainly do mind being out in but at least it was just the sheet variety) and it wasn’t conducive to great photography.

I was disappointed because I got a much better set of images when I visited last May. (I can’t post those here because I wasn’t studying this course then and there are rules on this sort of thing, which I will admit I am not clear on).

highgate_cem_may_18_ (25 of 26)
Ouroboros; I wonder if these are actually Christian burials as I think of it as a pagan symbol?

The poor guide was trying his best, but I also felt I learnt a lot more on my last visit. There was more discussion about symbolism and individual graves. This time I could hardly hear over the noises of thunder and rain beating down on umbrellas. We couldn’t linger and ask questions.

highgate_cem_may_18_ (26 of 26)
I loved the name

Despite a disappointing set of images, I haven’t corrected them much, deciding that to keep the feel of the day it was best to just increase the exposure a little on some of them.  highgate_cem_may_18_ (24 of 26)highgate_cem_may_18_ (23 of 26)highgate_cem_may_18_ (22 of 26)

Last time I visited it was beautifully sunny and warm; the shadows were a welcome relief. This time being in the shadows was so dark that I could make out the path and the vague shapes around me, but there was no detail. I couldn’t see anyone’s face. highgate_cem_may_18_ (21 of 26)highgate_cem_may_18_ (19 of 26)highgate_cem_may_18_ (18 of 26)

highgate_cem_may_18_ (17 of 26)

highgate_cem_may_18_ (16 of 26)highgate_cem_may_18_ (14 of 26)highgate_cem_may_18_ (11 of 26)highgate_cem_may_18_ (12 of 26)

Highgate Cemetery East

This is self guided and you get a map. I didn’t get round much of this on my last visit, so some of this was new to me.

highgate_cem_may_18_ (10 of 26)
It’s strange finding yourself laughing in a cemetery. But I did; what a fantastic design.
highgate_cem_may_18_ (9 of 26)
I just thought this was beautiful
highgate_cem_may_18_ (7 of 26)
A piano gravestone. It’s actually quite large.
highgate_cem_may_18_ (8 of 26)
There are a few graves with masks. I find those difficult; perhaps that’s the idea?
highgate_cem_may_18_ (5 of 26)
Douglas Adams, perhaps the most understated grave in the whole place. It simply says, “Douglas Adams, Writer, 1952 – 2001”. Last time I left a pen, this time my son left one. If I’m honest, I only visit the East side to see him.

highgate_cem_may_18_ (6 of 26)highgate_cem_may_18_ (3 of 26)highgate_cem_may_18_ (4 of 26)highgate_cem_may_18_ (1 of 26)highgate_cem_may_18_ (2 of 26)


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