I’ve now finished art classes. I’m really glad I did them, I think that I’ve learnt a lot from them and they have certainly had an impact on my photography work, from taking images with the production of print plates in mind to using the acrylic sheets I’d been monoprinting with as negatives on cyanotype paper and looking at artists that I might not have discovered otherwise.

In the end, developing confidence in one area impacts on the way you approach others and this has been particularly true for me.

So here are some prints I’ve produced in the past couple of weeks. The final two are from a photograph I took in the Tate which I traced onto mount board and cut out to produce a plate for printing.

Tomorrow I will be teaching a cyanotype workshop at the studio I’ve been attending for these classes. The tutor helped and encouraged me so much that I felt able to apply to go and study photography full time at the local arts university, at which I have just accepted a place for this September. And so I think that in terms of evidencing my learning and showing that there is a link between these classes and the photography, I can’t really say more than that.

pizza print 1pizza print 2coll printcoll print platecoll print plate 1