Thanks to Pauline at Artisan Studio, I had my first taste of teaching teens photography yesterday (other than my own children of course). I was invited to the home educated teens art class to teach them how to make cyanotypes so that they could learn a new technique, have a chilled final session for the summer, and we could investigate the possibility of running future workshops at the studio.

It’s really nice to be working with such an experienced art teacher; we worked out a lesson plan and what needed to be covered and thankfully Pauline was there for prompting me too! It’s really easy to forget what you already know and take certain knowledge for granted so although as an ex-home educator myself I hate the idea of hand-outs, maybe it would be useful for me to produce one for the factual information in future. I know I personally find names and dates and names of chemicals hard to recall and often just irrelevant, it’s the technique and result that excite me. If the result captures my imagination then I get into the details when I need them.

The main technique used was photograms. One student used a combination of two negatives, but they were not printed with enough contrast to work on anything other than sun print paper which was unfortunate because the idea was lovely.

Despite my initial worries about the weather it ended up being sunny and dry so that was a relief. I really enjoyed the afternoon, the students were good fun and I even got a chance to produce some more cyanotypes myself.


Here’s a selection of the work that was produced: