Final Assignment with OCA Done

Okay, despite a crap weekend with emergency visits to hospital for one of my family and nausea for me (pretty sure it was the heat- I’m not used to it and I don’t like it), I think I’ve nearly finished my final assignment. At last. I feel a huge need to finish asap now so I get a proper break before I start studying photography full-time at Arts University Bournemouth in September.

A5 Final Images

A5 Potential Images

Assignment 5 Planning and Research

A5 Contact Sheets & Further Images

I also have the beginnings of an Instagram site for this one as I used video too. It will take several days before it’s up and running though.

Now to finish all the missing exercises, complete the updates including what could be a total rework of A4 and prepare to send everything to the university.


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4 thoughts on “Final Assignment with OCA Done

  1. Well-done for finishing Sarah. You have been so creative in your experimentation and explanation of process. Wishing you all the best as well for September.

    I do hope you’re feeling much better now as well and sorry we didn’t get to meet at the weekend.

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