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A1 Final Images and Ideas for Further Exploration

Final Images 

Some of the initial images were removed after tutor feedback.

This is the final set:

This image has been added to introduce a domestic context.


This image was part of the initial set I was considering; reflecting on tutor feedback, I felt it added to the mood of the set and so decided to add it to the final images.

sarahscott516860a1 (6 of 9)

sarahscott516860a1 (7 of 9)
This image has  been added as I felt it illustrated another aspect to my feelings of frustration with my local area; that of the dominance of the churches.


This image has been added because I felt it completed the set and helped to underline, once again, the domestic context.

For assessment, I decided to present the final set of images for A1 as a book. My initial reason for this was that I had taken some of the images with an iPhone and so the quality of the print would not have been good enough to print at A4. However, based on feedback from my tutor, I wanted to find a way to include aspects of the bookbinding classes I had been attending as I had seen them very much as part of the photography but, as yet, had not included a book in my assignment work.

I designed a cover in Photoshop using Google maps. I wanted the book to be square, but obviously it has to be bound and I wanted to use a stab-stitch binding to create a square pattern on the cover. The final book measures 22cm by 20cm with the images printed at 16cm by 12cm and uses a Koki Toji binding to create a square pattern and the photographs are printed on Epson heavyweight matt paper.

Front Cover
Back Cover
Inside the book

On reflection, had I known that I would print a square book I would have made square images, but I didn’t want to change too much. The cover is printed on an Epson printer and the black border marks easily so perhaps bookcloth would have been better. However, I wasn’t sure if the paper would buckle when glued.


Ideas for further exploration 

I would like to explore the idea of the church excluding people from the life of the community where it claims to be welcoming. The fact is, I feel the church is welcoming if you agree to submit to it’s tenets which is something I and many others will not and cannot do. There are events and positions in the local community, including political positions, which you can only fully be a part of if you are willing to take part in Christian services. To me, that is abhorrent. This theme of religion seems to be something that comes up frequently for me and I expect it to be part of my work for some time to come.

I think Brexit is really important because it’s part of the reason I feel unable to feel at home; I am unable to commit to remaining in England when everything I think of as Britishness has been so fundamentally undermined. I cannot become part of this local environment when I know from my experiences and those of my children that some people believe that as Jewish people, we shouldn’t be here; the graffiti backed that up visually. My children have experienced anti-semitism at school on several occasions, all since the vote for Brexit. I suppose I am left wondering if in North Dorset 23,802 people would like to see us leave.

Screen Shot 2018-07-04 at 16.58.41

I know that those ideas are spread nationally and apply to people from a range of backgrounds and cultures; they always have done. It’s just that it has now become acceptable for some of our national newspapers and our politicians to express them.

I think this is where the feeling of ambivalence comes from; I now have mixed feelings about Britain, being British and what that means. I don’t feel part of a culture that has decided they don’t like immigrants; that is essentially what this vote seemed to be about. Personally I enjoy the richness and variety that immigrants bring. It is part of the reason I enjoyed my time living in New York and it is why I miss living in London so much; being amongst a wide range of people from different background and cultures, of different religions and experiences, is enriching. Brexit is the antithesis of this.

There are a lot of posts on this blog about Brexit (please use tag cloud for a list). I have looked at the work of Wolfgang Tillman (1) and I like his approach – there is the inclusion of documentation which I think is important. I would like to explore the fracturing of images using prisms or tearing, and I would like to use Google maps along with electoral commission data to produce artwork about this issue.


Some of my images from “Bollocks to Brexit: The People’s Vote march, June 2018

Some other ideas about Brexit



References for update and further exploration

  1. OETKER, B. What is different? – wolfgang tillmans. jahresring 64




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