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A3 Final Images and Ideas for Further Exploration

Final Images


Version 2


These images have been submitted for assessment as a set of prints. These are approximately 8 inches by 10 inches printed on A4 Epson premium semi-gloss photo paper. The initial colour to monochrome edit was applied in Mac Photos using a silvertone filter.

Ideas for Further Exploration

I would like to return to the original themes and ideas I had been thinking about for A3 before my own decisive moment was sprung upon me.

I have studied physics and mathematics and I find ideas around time interesting. I am particularly interested in the idea of how we talk about vision or images in relation to the future and hearing or sound in relation to the past and if this is true in other languages (apparently it is in German).

I am also interested in the links between sound and image and how that might work in photographs rather than film which has a more obvious link. I  have begun to research that topic by looking at Source Photographic Review issue on Sound. I have made a lot of sound recordings while I have been travelling around London or walking in my local environment and plan to use these in future. I also wrote a blog post on my learning log about how I experienced the changes of sound in The Tate Modern when the space changed visually.

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