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A3 Responses to Tutor Feedback

My tutor was very frustrated with my A3 submission because he didn’t have access to the text to accompany the prints I sent until just before our tutorial. I did feel there may have been a slight miscommunication about deadlines, but I took his point.

He said I needed to work on the ability to clearly and efficiently manage and pull together the various strands of my studies: research, blogging, time management and decision making. This hasn’t ever been a problem for me in the past, but I took this on board.

Studying a creative subject is a totally new experience for me and I know I am finding it difficult to work in what I see as quite a linear way in this context. I find myself jumping between ideas that might seem unrelated from the outside, but have an internal coherence. That makes it hard for me to fully explain the process and sometimes hard or impossible to reach an actual conclusion. When I reach the point of handing in the work I seem to feel that I have got some way through a process rather than having completed something. This was made more difficult in this particular assignment because I didn’t want to do something obvious, in particular I didn’t want to do street photography.  I took time to work through other ideas, many of which were beyond what I was able to produce at that point in time, particularly given the difficult set of family and health circumstances I had been experiencing.

However, I hope that I have managed to make improvements to the way I work and plan. It was certainly a message that I tried very hard to take forward into the next assignments.

He said the ambience of the set was good, but to use text cautiously and not to be too literal. Given that, I have removed the first image from the initial set I handed in. I am not sure the context is clear now; however, I hope the replacement images have added to the ambience.

I removed the text that was originally included with the initial set of images because it was confusing and unnecessary. I have added it here for reference.

He also said that he didn’t see any research specifically relating to this assignment, but perhaps that was because the text part was not available. I have tidied up the initial text,  cleared up the references, and tried to explain where I was originally going and where I got to as coherently as possible. I have also added scanned pages from my notebook to the learning log (the link for these is also on the A3 landing page).

The problem of too many blog categories was raised by my tutor and so I have changed the blog categories and tried to make the content of the site clearer.




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