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OCA Expressing Your Vision Notes & Learning Log

A3 Tutor Feedback

Overall Comments

An interesting, very expressive and encouraging set of photographs, and an assignment that builds on the promise that you’ve shown throughout the unit. We’ve obviously exchanged a fair few emails in the run-up to you submitting, and while I can understand your concerns about clarity, coherence and communication, I think it’s fair to say that, as we pass the halfway point in the unit, things are moving in the right direction, at least in terms of where you’re going as a practitioner. There’s much to be optimistic about in this respect.

The primary issue I’ve been faced with here, though, is that, at the time of writing, I didn’t have access to the text that accompanied your assignment or the Research/ Coursework you’d completed for this section. I started to map out my feedback from the point that your prints came in the post and waited as long as possible for everything else to arrive in my inbox but, as I hope you’ll appreciate, had to draw a line in the sand somewhere. With 24 hours to go before our tutorial, I still hadn’t been able to access to the relevant materials, which unfortunately has to be chalked off as frustratingly poorly organisation on your part, Sarah. Your second assignment seemed to have similar issues with time management, so my concern now is that the creative aspects of your studies are not being adequately balanced with sufficient appreciation of the importance of ‘logistics’. Put simply, while your ideas and actual photographs are key parts of the work that you’re doing on EYV, you’re also being assessed on your ability to clearly and efficiently manage and pull together the various strands of your studies, and this is something that definitely needs further work over the next few weeks. I know you’re having a difficult time at the moment, so please let me know if there is anything I can do to help, or if you’d like me to put you in touch with my colleagues in learner support.

[n.b., It’s 21:15 on the evening before our scheduled tutorial and I’ve just received an email update from you that flags up how you’ve finally added the accompanying text and relevant Coursework/ Research materials. Thanks for letting me know, but unfortunately it didn’t leave me with enough time to add to the feedback that I’d completed prior to this. Put bluntly,

it’s not really practical or realistic to expect me to be able to view and feedback on each element of your assignments in dribs and drabs, especially as your email said that you’d be uploading further material at 5pm. I’ll always try to be as flexible as I can, but I’ll generally need, as indicated in my concluding comments on A2, an assignment to be submitted around 5 days ahead of a scheduled tutorial.]

Feedback on assignment

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

  • –  In terms of the core ideas and the ability to convey a particular mood, this could well be your most successful assignment on EYV so far, Sarah. Even without any guiding text, it’s clear what sort of ambience you’re reaching for, and you’re, by and large, pretty successful in this respect. While you’ve experimented with slightly different styles on each of the assignments so far, there is still a sense of a ‘voice’ running through them. Good. This all bodes well for the next few phases of your studies.
  • –  The use of text is always to be approached cautiously. While the photograph of the hospital letter helps to root the mood of the set in something very specific- and provides, I presume, the ‘decisive moment’- I wonder if it makes everything just a bit too literal. There’s also a question of subtlety here and of your confidence in your ability to convey a mood/ communicate a particular set of ideas without recourse to something as explicit. As a ‘rule’ of thumb, understate. How else might you have illustrated what’s outlined in the text? By thinking about how you might photograph how it felt?
  • –  Overall, this is generally a neat and evocative set of photographs, one that demonstrates a student who’s got much potential. It shouldn’t be too hard to get the various strands of your studies- research, blogging, time management, decision-making- under control, and with this I think you’ll be better placed to more effectively kick on and make even more of the really good ideas you’re having.



Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Demonstration of Creativity

Generally on track, and there is some evidence of you using the coursework- as you should be- as lead-ins to each assignment. However, while you gesture towards A3 and experimenting with a particular style in one post, there isn’t a great deal else here for this assignment. You did indicate in an earlier email that you’d completed the exercises and simply hadn’t uploaded them, but obviously I can only comment on what’s there at the time of viewing.

[n.b., coursework for this part of the unit is obviously something else that has been added to your blog after I’d already outlined my feedback on the assignment, so again something that I’ve not been able to enlarge upon here].


Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis

While your blog points to some useful stuff that you’ve considered in appropriately thoughtful and engaged ways, I can’t find anything that specifically relates to this assignment. I’m guessing that this is because of you not completing and uploading everything at the sam time, so it’s unfortunately another example of the need for you to better manage the work that you’re doing. As ever, if you need any guidance in this respect, just ask….

[See above]

Learning Log

Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis

When I clicked on the link for Assignment three, I was taken to a page that includes a single post that doesn’t seem to have any obvious connection to the assignment. More than anything, this highlights the need to make sure that the materials on your blog are clearly organised and that you leave yourself with sufficient time to get the necessary components of an assignment sorted. I think I’ve got a fair idea of how you’ve connected the photographs to the brief, but the absence of any text that makes this explicit has hamstrung me somewhat, so I feel like I’ve only been able to give a partial response to your (otherwise really interesting) work. In this case, it seems like an extra few days would have helped, so please do ask if you find yourself struggling for time in the future. This also seemed to be an issue with A2, and I’d always much rather you send work that had been completed to a standard that you were happy with, with all accompanying materials, research and coursework being posted in advance of the assignment.

On a technical note, while the new blog is generally looking pretty good, there are lots of categories, which means that it’s not quite as easy to navigate as it might be.

[Also see above]

Pointers for the next assignment

It’s clear from my feedback where the issues with this assignment have been, and it’s certainly not really around ideas or creativity. Ideas have tumbled out of you during your time on EYV and you’re clearly a student with much to offer, but the last two assignments seem to have been somewhat hindered by time-management and logistical issues. Please take note that I have no problem whatsoever with you asking for an extension if you think one is needed, so please don’t feel as if the deadlines are immovable objects that must be met at all costs!!!! Please, however, do make sure that I have all the necessary materials to look at well in advance of a scheduled tutorial, and that you leave yourself a day or two after completing a piece of work to ‘cool off’ and reconsider it before sending the link over.

As a final word, you’re clearly committing lots of time and emotional energy to your studies, and this is fantastic to see. You’ve got much to offer and I have no doubt that, if you continue to work with the enthusiasm and curiosity that you’ve brought to the unit so far, things will start to drop into place sooner rather than later. However, you do need to start to think about how you channel your ideas and make sense of your eagerness to experiment. Taken as a whole, this assignment has been really encouraging, but also underpinned by a rather frustrating sense of chaos and disorder. In a recent email you commented on how indecisive you are, and I think I can see how this has impacted on your work with this part of the unit. As such, I’m going to leave a little longer with the A4 deadline, and hope that you’ll use it to take a calmer and more thorough approach to the research and coursework that leads up to the assignment. Better to commit to something that procrastinate about everything!

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