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A4 Final Images and Ideas For Further Exploration


Final Images

sarahscott516860a2 (3 of 7)sarahscott516860a2 (7 of 7)sarahscott516860a2 (4 of 7)sarahscott516860a2 (5 of 7)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsarahscott516860a2 (6 of 7)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

These images were taken throughout my study of EYV specifically with A4 Languages of Light in mind. Photographs include images from Salisbury Cathedral and Notre Dame, but also images from a church in Bournemouth. Most were taken on an iPhone SE in low light conditions. The text is from, and represents a variety of biblical translations. The colour of the text used for bible reference comes directly from the image, using colour picker on Photoshop. I was picking out and highlighting certain biblical passages from the whole, so using colour picker to isolate colours from the overall image seemed to fit that idea and provides a visual link between the image and text.

As for assignment 1, the use of an iPhone to take some of these images has meant that they cannot be printed at A4 size and still be of an acceptable quality and so in the book iPhone images are sized to 14cm x 10.5cm with two images per page.


I decided to present the images as a hardback accordion book of approximately 21x28cm. I wanted to experiment with photographs in an accordion book format as I like the way the format allows for the book to be a display on it’s own; the images can be viewed one page at a time, or all in one go. This allows a variety of experience for the viewer, and I hope introduces an unusual aspect to the materiality of the work. It also takes up more physical space than individual prints when stood up and to me that echoed the physical space of the church; it changes from a set of 2D images to a 3D object. The book is held shut with a ‘belly band’ made up of three pieces of paper that represent the Christian belief in the trinity.


The images are printed on A4 Epson Double-Sided Matte Paper so that whites on both sides are the same colour. I was doubtful that I could produce a book using lustre paper; being able to glue the pages and go through the process of attaching covers and making folds would destroy it. The book is covered in orange-red coloured book-cloth as it was a colour that seemed to be present in many of the images.

accordion book

My reflection on the updated images:

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

The images were taken with various equipment and at various times during my study (all with A4 in mind). I think the observational skills are good, I believe they show good visual awareness, and good compositional skills.

Quality of Outcome

The set feels more coherent than the original images I had given my tutor. They still cover the main themes I had wanted to explore, and the presentation in book format has demonstrated other learning that I have been doing outside of EYV towards improving my skill set as a photographer.

Demonstration of Creativity

I hope that the set is creative in the context. I am expressing a personal message that I understand some people may find offensive or be uncomfortable with. I did have other ideas for expressing that message, I am on my first photography course and because of that I am unsure about exactly how far I can push the feelings I want to express. I am still working on creative ideas for the expression of those ideas.


Compared with the earlier assignments, I stepped up the research with this assignment, I was more thorough about completing preliminary exercises, and I had taken previous tutor feedback on board. I then took on board feedback for this assignment and made changes that I hope were appropriate and that I felt were necessary to introduce a visual coherence and eliminate feelings of confusion. I did further research as suggested by my tutor, and I have a lot of ideas for further exploration that I am already working on. This has led to further development.


Ideas for Further Exploration

I am continuing to work with the ideas and themes I listed in my initial submission for A4, in particular on alternative ways to represent my personal experiences with religion. I am continuing to explore the link between biblical verses and visual representations of both women and minority groups on websites such as Return of the Kings. I am looking at how justifications for use of biblical material to subjugate women in particular continue to be presented across a range of websites representing various Christian denominations, especially in charismatic and pentecostal churches, and how the use of photographs of females are used in that context.

I’m also looking at the relationship of instant film (i.e. Polaroid) to pornography, which was something that came out of the research for this assignment.

My bibliography so far for exploring some of these themes:

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See original planning and research page for further references.



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