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OCA Expressing Your Vision Notes & Learning Log

A5 Tutor Feedback

Overall Comments

I’ve got mixed feelings with this assignment, Sarah. I’m delighted that you’ve managed to overcome some very challenging personal issues and complete Expressing Your Vision, but also rather sad that the OCA is about to lose such a thoughtful and very promising student. While your work on the unit has, as is pretty much always the case at this stage, been up and down, I’ve certainly seen enough to recognise that you’ve got a great deal to offer. Our loss is very much Bournemouth’s gain.

You’ve ended with an assignment that, once again, provides an encouraging showcase of your potential, but it is work that does lack a certain focus. That you’ve immersed yourself in experimental processes is really pleasing, but the overall sense of purpose isn’t quite so clear. It’s certainly decent stuff, but it doesn’t seem quite so sure of itself in terms of meaning and communication. Nevertheless, there’s still plenty to enjoy here.

Feedback on assignment

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

  • The way you’ve organised the various strands of the assignment and how it developed is generally clear and easy enough to navigate, but I’d have preferred to see you put your rationale at the top of the A5 Final Images post. While I’ll generally have a mooch about and see a student’s prep, it’s preferable for the photographs and accompanying text to clearly sum up your approach and what you were attempting to do. The opening paragraph didn’t really do this and the post is filled with conversational and diaristic text that doesn’t really add a great deal.
  • You’ve conducted some interesting and ambitious experiments here, producing some nice results, but, again, there’s quite a lot to work through before what appear to be the actual final images. Is the collage at the foot of the post the work you’re submitting? The photographs before? Both?
  •  You’ve clearly done lots of work to produce this assignment, but I’m still not sure what it’s about and/ or what you are attempting to communicate- there is no obvious rationale here. An earlier post underlines what’s fairly obvious- i.e., that this is about nature- but this does appear to be a stylistic exercise rather than something focused on meaning and communication. What you’ve produced, both in terms of text and image, is as interesting as always, but it does lack a clear and obvious central focus and tends to meander a little bit. This has been a grumble with previous assignments, so more effectively summing up is something to think about as you develop your practice.


Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Demonstration of Creativity

Generally thoughtful and committed.


Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis

You’ve generally looked at some useful and worthwhile stuff, but it could be a little more easy to navigate your research entries. You also cite a handful of very decent looking texts in your Assignment 5 planning and research post, but haven’t really provided evidence of how they impacted on your approach (unless I’m missing something?). It’s always good practice to be explicit about how a particular source has been valuable (or not).

Learning Log

Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis

There is plenty of evidence of a thoughtful, engaged and ambitious student on your blog, and lots to think about and chew on- good. You can be a bit diaristic and conversational at times, which tends to underline my broader sense that you need to be a little more effective at managing and editing your ideas.

Pointers for the next assessment

With you about to start f/t study at Bournemouth, I’m not sure if you’re still planning to be assessed. If you are, tightening up your blog and making it a clear and focused as possible will be essential, as will figuring out what physical materials that you’ll send over. I’m happy to speak about this if you’d like to catch up at a later point.

Otherwise, it’s with a slightly heavy heart that I sign off. It’s a real shame that you’re not sticking with us for the long-term, and I hope everything goes splendidly with your new directions. Keep me updated with how you’re getting on, and I’ll look forward to seeing your debut solo show and book 🙂

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