Self Portraits

At the moment I’m finishing up EYV while simultaneously preparing to start full time study at Arts University Bournemouth in September. My summer project for AUB is ‘self portrait with wig’, but it strikes me as a continuation of where I was getting to and wanted to get to with ideas that had been comingContinue reading “Self Portraits”

Image manipulation in Glitche

I am looking more and more at moving image and I got Glitche to add interesting effects to short clips. However, I spent some time playing with it on a photograph, so here are some screen shots from that. I find it easy to manipulate the images but complex to save. It’s really hard toContinue reading “Image manipulation in Glitche”

Dead. The Joy of Cats (and Dick Pics)

A story on Steller   Someone told me this Steller story was inappropriate. I don’t think so. I will admit, I was in a strange mood when I published this. My neighbour had just died; I didn’t even know she was ill. The day she died a man who followed me on Instagram sentContinue reading “Dead. The Joy of Cats (and Dick Pics)”

Exploring the Medium; Lumen Prints & Other Experiments

Lumen Prints I’ve been experimenting with different ways to explore the medium of photography as part of the work I am producing for A5. I don’t want to limit myself to a digital camera with perfect lenses and a very predictable outcome. I just don’t like it; I want a sense of playfulness and experimentationContinue reading “Exploring the Medium; Lumen Prints & Other Experiments”

Photos from a Bike Ride: North Dorset Trailway

I usually go to the gym three times a week. I only started going in June 2016 because I was training for a charity cycle ride. I knew that hayfever season was approaching, that it would stop me cycling for several months, and I needed to keep up a schedule. Braving the gym, an unknownContinue reading “Photos from a Bike Ride: North Dorset Trailway”

Things I’d Do Differently on EYV

I feel like I’m coming to the end of this course now, but it feels like a slog because I seem to have so much to catch up on. I’m really pleased I started it, I’m looking forward to completing it and it has changed the way I think about photography and the way IContinue reading “Things I’d Do Differently on EYV”

Cyanotype Workshop; Teaching Teens Photography

Thanks to Pauline at Artisan Studio, I had my first taste of teaching teens photography yesterday (other than my own children of course). I was invited to the home educated teens art class to teach them how to make cyanotypes so that they could learn a new technique, have a chilled final session for theContinue reading “Cyanotype Workshop; Teaching Teens Photography”

Wrapping Up Art Classes

I’ve now finished art classes. I’m really glad I did them, I think that I’ve learnt a lot from them and they have certainly had an impact on my photography work, from taking images with the production of print plates in mind to using the acrylic sheets I’d been monoprinting with as negatives on cyanotypeContinue reading “Wrapping Up Art Classes”