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Assignment 4



A4 Planning and Research

Extra research material

A4 Contact sheets

A4 Potential Images

A4 Initial Images Submitted

A4 Tutor Feedback

A4 Responses to Tutor Feedback

A4 Final Images and Ideas for Further Exploration

Also see the following blog posts in the learning log

The main post discussing the ideas for the version of assignment 4 I handed in to my tutor in May is Flowers, Text and Religion

My thoughts on the initial feedback from my tutor during our Skype tutorial and ideas about how I can make my message clearer (before my written feedback was received)

Research: Mainly About Pornography

Planet Apple, Meaningful Stuff and Brendan Fraser

Study Visit to The Photographer’s Gallery

Research: Art Photography and Female Photographers

For an earlier version of assignment 4 I had planned to illustrate a dream

Research: Images of Dreams

The Oracular Brendan Fraser Dream Part 1

Art Class; Week 7 (I survive a visit to a church)

Other blog posts that were part of my general thoughts and material that probably ended up influencing where I got to with assignment 4

Gardens in the Rain


Research: Polaroids & Self Portraits

Reading: Auto Focus; The Self Portrait in Contemporary Photography by Susan Bright

Polaroids in the Forest and Plastic Me

Thinking About Light; Thinking About Self Portraits Again


To see the completed exercises leading up to assignment 4

Exercise 4.1

Exercise 4.2

Exercise 4.3

Exercise 4.4

Exercise 4.5


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