Image manipulation in Glitche

I am looking more and more at moving image and I got Glitche to add interesting effects to short clips. However, I spent some time playing with it on a photograph, so here are some screen shots from that. I find it easy to manipulate the images but complex to save. It’s really hard toContinue reading “Image manipulation in Glitche”

Exploring the Medium; Lumen Prints & Other Experiments

Lumen Prints I’ve been experimenting with different ways to explore the medium of photography as part of the work I am producing for A5. I don’t want to limit myself to a digital camera with perfect lenses and a very predictable outcome. I just don’t like it; I want a sense of playfulness and experimentationContinue reading “Exploring the Medium; Lumen Prints & Other Experiments”

Exploring Photography With the Forest: Another A5 Idea

Test Images: The Forest / Materials from the Forest I’ve been thinking; instead of using photography to explore a subject, can I use a simple subject like ferns or trees in a forest, to explore photography? They have this repeating pattern that I feel I can make use of. Does that work? Or is thisContinue reading “Exploring Photography With the Forest: Another A5 Idea”

A Week of Experiments

Some images from the week 7th – 13th May I handed in my fourth assignment at the beginning of the week, so there was a lot of writing up to do. This week has mainly been about experimenting with images I’ve already taken and producing more art prints. I did get out to Badbury RingsContinue reading “A Week of Experiments”

Photography Collides With Art Class

My son was off school for a few days this week, so I haven’t been out taking photos but staying in a bit more and making more (and more and more) mono prints. So, on Thursday afternoon I was printing with some leaves and when I’d finished I looked at the acrylic plate and realisedContinue reading “Photography Collides With Art Class”

How To: Vortography

A lot of people visit this blog after searching for ‘vortography’ or ‘vortograph’, and I’ve  been asked several times how to make a vortograph and how to set up the lens and mirrors. I used 4 mirrors which I had cut at a local glaziers. They measure 2 inches by 6 inches. If you getContinue reading “How To: Vortography”

Polaroids in the Forest and Plastic Me

Images from the week 19th – 25th March Because I’d spent so much time in London last week, this week being at home felt a bit like being on holiday. I suppose Dorset is just so much more relaxing than central London. On Thursday morning I drove out to the forest, hired a bike andContinue reading “Polaroids in the Forest and Plastic Me”

London: Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral

Images from the week 12th – 18th March I have two relatives in hospital in London at the moment (both in different hospitals which is a nuisance, but never mind). Rather than going backwards and forwards I decided to stay in London for most of the week this week, and it worked really well asContinue reading “London: Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral”

Degrading images in sequence

Images from the week 19th – 25th February I spent time playing with some existing images. These are based on work by Thomas Ruff, specifically the JPEGs work he did that the course text recommended. I wanted to try the idea of taking an image and seeing how far I could degrade it by displayingContinue reading “Degrading images in sequence”