Skype Tutorial for Assignment 4

Reflecting on my A4 Skype Tutorial It’s been quite some time since my last tutorial so it was nice to touch base with my tutor again. Studying at a distance like this has it’s advantages and disadvantages – there’s the flexibility when things go wrong, but it can sometimes make you feel a bit likeContinue reading “Skype Tutorial for Assignment 4”

It’s Mainly Bournemouth Comic Con

Some images from the week 14th – 20th May A few snapshots from my week in no particular order… This first set of images are from Bournemouth Comic Con on Saturday. My son had gone to the cafe for a break and I was watching the Cosplay Masquerade. I think the real strength of these eventsContinue reading “It’s Mainly Bournemouth Comic Con”

A Week of Experiments

Some images from the week 7th – 13th May I handed in my fourth assignment at the beginning of the week, so there was a lot of writing up to do. This week has mainly been about experimenting with images I’ve already taken and producing more art prints. I did get out to Badbury RingsContinue reading “A Week of Experiments”

Photography Collides With Art Class

My son was off school for a few days this week, so I haven’t been out taking photos but staying in a bit more and making more (and more and more) mono prints. So, on Thursday afternoon I was printing with some leaves and when I’d finished I looked at the acrylic plate and realisedContinue reading “Photography Collides With Art Class”

Reading & Research: Mainly about pornography

Arts University Bournemouth 28th April I had a list of subjects I wanted to research rather than specific photographers. I wanted to find out about identity and the formation of identity, how personal items are represented in photographs, dreams and more about studio lighting. Porn? As it was, I found a huge book by TomContinue reading “Reading & Research: Mainly about pornography”

Flowers, Text & Religion

Some images from the week 30th April – 6th May On Monday I took about 500 photos, over the course of the week probably well over a thousand. And so the benefits of digital photography become clear to me again. I had something stuck inside that I needed to communicate, and I was trying toContinue reading “Flowers, Text & Religion”

Planet Apple, Meaningful Stuff and Brendan Fraser

Some images from the week 23rd April – 29th April This week I was trying to get to grips with lighting; this way of working is totally new to me. Exercise 4.4 is about lighting a natural object to reveal it’s form (you can see all my attempts, including my total failures here). These areContinue reading “Planet Apple, Meaningful Stuff and Brendan Fraser”

Art Class week 12: Printing

This post might be quite similar from last week’s as this week was just printing for me, and when I’d printed so much that I couldn’t possibly print anymore I sketched ideas for new things to print. These were my second batch of prints from today’s class. The first lot were at the bottom ofContinue reading “Art Class week 12: Printing”

Art Class Week 11: Two seahorses, and a camera that went a bit wrong

This week I had actually done some art work at home – I’d been stuck in with a bad back and it was bad enough that I couldn’t play violin, so violin time turned into art time and I made myself do some lino cutting to stay sane during the week. I’d decided my originalContinue reading “Art Class Week 11: Two seahorses, and a camera that went a bit wrong”