Degrading images in sequence

Images from the week 19th – 25th February I spent time playing with some existing images. These are based on work by Thomas Ruff, specifically the JPEGs work he did that the course text recommended. I wanted to try the idea of taking an image and seeing how far I could degrade it by displayingContinue reading “Degrading images in sequence”

Thinking About Ways to Present Images; Folded Book Forms

The arts centre I attend on Friday mornings started running a series of short courses on book-making. I have a lot of books. And I am trying to experiment with new ways to present images. So I signed up for the classes about folded book forms. They were run by Susan who has a trulyContinue reading “Thinking About Ways to Present Images; Folded Book Forms”

Reading & Research: Graphic Design & Travelling

10th March 2018, Arts University Bournemouth I started looking at some books on Graphic Design. This is partly about learning a broader visual vocabulary, thinking about how images I take might be used or how they might be presented and seen. I want to experiment a bit, not just produce prints but maybe a book.Continue reading “Reading & Research: Graphic Design & Travelling”

Reading & Research: Images of Dreams

5th – 11th February 2018. Arts University Bournemouth I love the library at Arts University Bournemouth; it’s amazing. It’s now a weekly ritual to go there on a Saturday (my youngest son is on the film making course), have some tea and then head to the library for a few hours. This week I lookedContinue reading “Reading & Research: Images of Dreams”

The Oracular Brendan Fraser Dream (Part 1)

This is inspired by an exercise from The Photographers Playbook entitled ‘Cameras Don’t Take Pictures’, but it’s also partly inspired by Absence of Being by Susan Burnstine and by the unfocused images I’ve been taking lately; I really like this sort of aesthetic at the moment as it seems to leave things unclear and unexplained.Continue reading “The Oracular Brendan Fraser Dream (Part 1)”

Finding New Ways to Photograph the Familiar

Some photos from the week 1-7th January 2018 I started off the New Year continuing my seeming obsession with photographing trees. I decided to give up getting a great photo and just try as many ways of taking images of them as I could. That seems to have led to me trying to find newContinue reading “Finding New Ways to Photograph the Familiar”

Polaroids; Emulsion Lift of Durdle Door Images

I went to Durdle Door and took some fresh polaroids that I’ve now used for an emulsion lift. I’ve used Impossible black and white film and a Polaroid 600. The original images…   Very basically I cut as close as I could to the edges of the image, peeled off the clear plastic that coversContinue reading “Polaroids; Emulsion Lift of Durdle Door Images”

Polaroids; Emulsion lifts that went wrong

December 2017 I’ve been doing more experimenting with Fuji Instant film and also with Impossible Project film in a Polaroid camera. It’s been really interesting to communicate with other OCA students via Instagram about these experiments, I’ve got a lot of advice and encouragement from people which has been useful and also confidence boosting whenContinue reading “Polaroids; Emulsion lifts that went wrong”

Into The Woods; Trees in Photography at the V&A

28th November 2017 I paid a flying visit to the V&A at the end of a long day to see this exhibition. I think it’s the first time I’d ever gone to see an exhibition that was purely photographic. The subject appealed to me as I feel like I can never get the image IContinue reading “Into The Woods; Trees in Photography at the V&A”

Cropping and Framing / Thoughts on Composition

This continues from Exercise 1.3. In simple terms I suppose I’d always thought that framing happens through the viewfinder and cropping happens afterwards, usually as a result of not actually fully seeing when originally framing an image and finding unwanted elements appearing. For me, cropping was usually just a way to remove those unwanted elementsContinue reading “Cropping and Framing / Thoughts on Composition”