Self Portraits

At the moment I’m finishing up EYV while simultaneously preparing to start full time study at Arts University Bournemouth in September. My summer project for AUB is ‘self portrait with wig’, but it strikes me as a continuation of where I was getting to and wanted to get to with ideas that had been comingContinue reading “Self Portraits”

Dead. The Joy of Cats (and Dick Pics)

A story on Steller   Someone told me this Steller story was inappropriate. I don’t think so. I will admit, I was in a strange mood when I published this. My neighbour had just died; I didn’t even know she was ill. The day she died a man who followed me on Instagram sentContinue reading “Dead. The Joy of Cats (and Dick Pics)”

Bollocks to Brexit: The People’s Vote March

Images and thoughts from The People’s Vote March 23rd June 2018 I was so tired when I woke up at 5.45am on Saturday.  I just wanted a morning lay-in and then the day to clean the house, make sure the boys’ school uniforms were washed and that the fridge had some food in it. ButContinue reading “Bollocks to Brexit: The People’s Vote March”

This is a Very Boring Photograph; Thoughts on Images People Like

This is a very boring photograph. Of course, I’m allowed to say that because I took it. The reason I bring it up for discussion is that it’s becoming one of my most popular images on Instagram and as I’m being honest here, that fact makes me feel slightly depressed. I have quite a fewContinue reading “This is a Very Boring Photograph; Thoughts on Images People Like”

Stolen Images on Instagram

I’ve had an Instagram account for about three years. I swing between loving this particular platform, and hating it. I really can’t remember why I decided to start on Instagram, but initially I barely used it. Sharing images is quite personal to me I suppose. I still find it quite a difficult thing to do,Continue reading “Stolen Images on Instagram”