Protesting Outside Labour Party HQ, Inspiration from Andy Warhol and Exercises in Light

Some images from the week 2nd – 8th April 2018 Yesterday my family and I got up early, drove to Salisbury, got on a train to Waterloo and then got on another to St James’ Park to get to Labour party HQ. We did this not because we are part of some right-wing Jewish conspiracyContinue reading “Protesting Outside Labour Party HQ, Inspiration from Andy Warhol and Exercises in Light”

Thinking About Light; Thinking About Self Portraits Again

Images from the week 26th March – 1st April Some weeks I know that deciding to do these weekly photos is a really good discipline for me, even if no-one ever looks at them. I know that even if I can’t produce the post on time  I’ll have to take some images to be ableContinue reading “Thinking About Light; Thinking About Self Portraits Again”

Polaroids in the Forest and Plastic Me

Images from the week 19th – 25th March Because I’d spent so much time in London last week, this week being at home felt a bit like being on holiday. I suppose Dorset is just so much more relaxing than central London. On Thursday morning I drove out to the forest, hired a bike andContinue reading “Polaroids in the Forest and Plastic Me”

London: Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral

Images from the week 12th – 18th March I have two relatives in hospital in London at the moment (both in different hospitals which is a nuisance, but never mind). Rather than going backwards and forwards I decided to stay in London for most of the week this week, and it worked really well asContinue reading “London: Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral”

I grind to a halt

Images from the week 5th – 11th March Some weeks life just overtakes me and I feel I am grinding to a halt and cannot take any images. Music is always harder work than I expect it to be, and there have been a lot of changes to what I’m playing lately. Extended family problemsContinue reading “I grind to a halt”

Degrading images in sequence

Images from the week 19th – 25th February I spent time playing with some existing images. These are based on work by Thomas Ruff, specifically the JPEGs work he did that the course text recommended. I wanted to try the idea of taking an image and seeing how far I could degrade it by displayingContinue reading “Degrading images in sequence”

Taking photos of photos of photos

Some photos from the week 5th to 11th February Apart from taking images for part 4 of the course, this week I’ve mainly been playing with existing images and catching up with research. I wanted to experiment with re-taking existing images as a part of  assignment 4 which I’m considering doing about dreams as itContinue reading “Taking photos of photos of photos”

My Dad’s Bathroom

Some Photos from the week 29th January – 4th February I spoke to my father in the week. Because of Brexit he is now moving to Germany permanently. He has put his house on sale and asked me to take a look at it on the estate agent’s website. It was really strange seeing photographsContinue reading “My Dad’s Bathroom”