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Exercise 1.2

Exercise 1.2

I found this exercise confusing. I don’t think I usually compose like this and I don’t feel that I’m really ‘getting’ it. I wasn’t sure if I needed to keep the entire image the same and move the point around, or move the frame around in relation to the point which I’d leave static. I tried several ideas. These images show the route I think my eye takes over the photographs I’ve ended up with. I made them monochrome because it helped the point to stand out more.

I might want to retake this exercise; I’m just not happy with what I’ve done or what I’m supposed to be achieving here.

This is my first attempt at this exercise. I can see that the point (it’s a napkin left on the grass at the Kingston Lacy Estate) does attract immediate attention. Even with the house in the image it’s still the first thing the eye goes to, especially with the monochrome version of these images. I notice the image used to illustrate the exercise is also in monochrome and another image I took seemed to have the same effect.

point exercise


Salisbury Cathedral

In this image I could see the point – the paper the man is holding behind his back – in the top right hand corner immediately. Using monochrome and making much of the image quite dark emphasises it even more.  I originally took this image as an example of using lines to illustrate depth, but I think it works really well for the point exercise too.

When I looked on student blogs I found myself thinking that I wasn’t the only person who might be having a problem with this. I found some really clear and simple versions that seemed to be moving a disc around a frame so I tried a similar thing with an apple in my garden. In terms of evaluating these, I think DSCF1312 visually is the most successful of the first few goes. I think that’s because it’s not too close to the frame. But it’s become a shape rather than a point. Anyway, in the last 6 here DSCF1316 to 1321 I was putting the point in different parts of the frame and those are feeling more pleasing to me, especially the final three. To me, if something like a point that draws the eye is too close to the edges of the image, to the frame, then there is a feeling of discomfort created.

apple point exercise 1 colourapple point exercise 2 colour

Update: January 2018

I took an image today that to me is a much better illustration of the ‘point’ exercise.

Bird, January 2018.  From Arts University Bournemouth Cafe



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