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OCA Expressing Your Vision Notes & Learning Log

Exercise 3.2

The work I really liked in this part was the Theatre series by Hiroshi Sugimoto. On youtube he says that ‘The people were in the theatre but they all disappeared recieving this radiant white light from the screen”. and “Too much information ends up as nothingness”. “The movie theatre is the case to hold this emptiness”.

His use of the camera to change the moving parts of a scene into stillness or nothingness is an interesting and unusual way of using slow shutter speeds.

I have been less experimental than Hiroshi Sugimoto; I would like to try and replicate what he has done in his Theatre series, but I realise that I would not be allowed to do that now. His shots were taken in the 1970s – a time when it would have been more difficult to pirate films and share them.

For the images shot on public transport I also recorded sound. I found it interesting in the context of slow shutter speeds. In capturing sound and image clips I often see a relation to what can be done with a camera and what can be done with a recording device (they’re both recording moments – one visual moments and one audio moments), but the sound has to be recorded over time to make sense in a way that an image often looses sense if it has too much time within it.

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