Exercise 4.5

I thought about this for ‘dreams‘ when I was considering a project for A4.

Also, during my research in the past few months I’ve screen grabbed a lot of information when I’ve been thinking about stereotypes and because I noticed that if you type in ‘scientist’ or ‘doctor’ there is a reasonable gender representation, but if you put the word ‘great’ before almost any career title, the gender represented is overwhelmingly male.

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These are some screenshots for subjects I’ve been working with lately.

artclassscans (28 of 34)
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Apple with the filter ‘fruit’
artclassscans (34 of 34)
Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 22.45.06

And my own photos of the same subjects.

I wanted to use an actual bible for this, but I didn’t have an old one and there was no way I was going to buy a new one. The text is from 1 Timothy in the New Testament, and although it was just an experiment it has really inspired the work I’ve now been producing for A4.

exercise 4.5 (4 of 6)
Apple and book combined


I’ve labeled these flowers as roses, but what I really like about these images is that despite the lack of focus and confusion, they still communicate the essence of what a rose is. They don’t really need the label. I laid the flowers onto a mirror, lit from above and used a close up filter on my lens which has helped to produce this effect.

exercise 4.5 (5 of 6)
Flower (Rose)
exercise 4.5 (6 of 6)
Flower (Rose)


My images of melons were mainly inspired by some images by John Clang in the book Porn by Tom Hingston.

exercise 4.5 (1 of 6)


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