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OCA Expressing Your Vision Notes & Learning Log

Part 1

Project 1

Exercise 1.1

Project 2

Exercise 1.2

Exercise 1.3

See also this post on Cropping and Framing/ Thoughts on Composition

Exercise 1.4

Project 3

Thomas Ruff

See also this work in response to Thomas Ruff

Thoughts on Part 1

Notes on Part 1


While completing this part of the course I was also exploring the following…

First experiment with Sunprint paper

Messing Around with Fuji Instant Wide

Visit to the Fox Talbot Museum and Lacock Abbey

BBC Britain in Focus Series

Fennel Images

Tate Modern with My Kids

This part of the course concluded with Assignment 1

Assignment 1 main page

A1 Planning

A1 Potential images

A1 Contact Sheets

A1 Final Images

A1 Tutor Feedback

A1 Updates and thoughts on feedback



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