Art Class week 12: Printing

This post might be quite similar from last week’s as this week was just printing for me, and when I’d printed so much that I couldn’t possibly print anymore I sketched ideas for new things to print. These were my second batch of prints from today’s class. The first lot were at the bottom ofContinue reading “Art Class week 12: Printing”

Art Class Week 11: Two seahorses, and a camera that went a bit wrong

This week I had actually done some art work at home – I’d been stuck in with a bad back and it was bad enough that I couldn’t play violin, so violin time turned into art time and I made myself do some lino cutting to stay sane during the week. I’d decided my originalContinue reading “Art Class Week 11: Two seahorses, and a camera that went a bit wrong”

Art Class Week 10; Printing

(No more drawing!) This week saw the start of the printing section of the art classes. We’ll have 3 weeks on lino printing, which I’ve never done before. The tutor showed us examples of lino prints – I really preferred the simple designs and images, so when I was asked what I wanted to workContinue reading “Art Class Week 10; Printing”